Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things are changing here

Head on here to find our blog - changes were needed. Head over to
Our here and now - Life with Special Needs for more information!

Followers - update please :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snowed in....

This is what we woke up to this morning!

Apparently it hasn't snowed this much in 20 years! Lucky me.....

Power has been off. Luckily we have wood heating - I usually HATE wood heating but today....I LOVE IT! No school as buses are not running and we couldn't drive in the snow anyway. No preschool or daycare either. BUT the worst thing is we have NO MILK! There are probably no shops open down the street anyway - I will ring them soon and see.

I was going to do some cooking with the kids today but that will only happen if we get some milk....and eggs too.

Its still steadily snowing, looks like Brett will get a day off!

All I can say is - COME ON ITS ONLY THE 10TH OF JUNE!!!


Powers been off back on but for how long????? Going to run off and get the vacuuming done before we lose power again.

Brett just went and got milk - yippee!! We can now bake and ......clean.......

Ashlee played netball on the weekend! Kicked butt winning 27 - 9!! Broke her finger in the process....more to come soon

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Check this out!

You HAVE TO head over there and check it out - Amazing!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well actually...

I don't really want to tell you all about this because I want it all to myself but I'm going to because those are the rules (and because really this is a pretty cool blog to check out!).

In celebration of her first blogoversary Actually Laura is giving away:


Be it a blog makeover or help with HTML or even ads and banners!

So go on, head on over and say hi! BUT be quick because times running out!

This cracks me up a bit

Images from here

And the winner is!

Sorry for the delay - things got a little weird around here but we are back on track now! I was going to do the cute kid holding up the winning name thing but really don't have time so instead I used the random number generator thing.

So here we go....the winner of the Pendant from the lovely Dani is:

Comment number 5!

Taking out the double posts it came down to:

Angelique from No life without Wife! (Hows that for weird - Angelique will know what I mean!)

Congratulations Angelique! I will be in contact with you shortly.

Everyone one else - Head over to Pendantic and buy yourself one :) (Ashlee got one for her birthday and loves it!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday first born!


My little girl, my first born....just one more year and you are a teenager! I can hardly believe it.

So enjoy your birthday, I love you and you make me prouder each day.

And now just to totally embarrass her - This is Ashlee, about 30 minutes old...

(this a scan as this was pre-digital days)

And now!

Check back soon for the winner of my giveaway!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The day is over.. babies are 2!

Fun was had all around!

Present were wrapped in plain old brown paper, because really where does it all end up anyway?! $1.70 for a large roll of brown paper that will last ages compared to up to $4 for one sheet of wrapping paper.

We made cupcakes the night before. Some to take to preschool with them. And they were loved by everyone. Thomas the Tank Engine for Zachary and Fairy ones for Anna (although she found Thomas more interesting, she really is my little tomboy! I guess what so you expect with two brothers!)

They slept in a little for me - little sweeties! Then we opened up some pressies. Not to many, because you know these kids have way to much stuff already! Not in need of ANY clothes and definitely didn't need any more toys. So we just got a few things for them to celebrate this special day.

(Zach showing me his new book)

Anna getting her new bike - so they don't fight over the one we have!

(excuse the bum! Little Miss has decided she doesn't really like nappies and spends most of the time at home nappy free. Good sign I guess)

And she LOVES the baby doll rocker that Nanny got her!

Opening books...

Then they coloured in their new books until it was time to go to preschool




Anna had zonked by 5:30pm and Zach went to bed after a feed not long after. A long day but a fun day. I still can't believe they are two!

Good bye for now....make sure you check out my giveaway!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to you and you!

Today our precious little miracles turn 2!

Happy Birthday

Zachary & Anna!

{The Early Days}

Zachary - just days old

Anna - just days old

{First Birthday}

Look at us now!

They had a lovely morning opening pressies and getting lots of love! I'll be back later with a full birthday run down (and probably photo overload!)

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Stunning Giveaway!

I came across this awesome giveaway over at The Art of Indecision thanks to Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway day!

I {love} Holly Hobbie so this is right up my alley! Makes me want to pull out my old Holly Hobbie Bedspread, cut it up and make my own!

Monday, May 25, 2009

GIVEAWAY and 200th post!

I have written 200 posts and I want to celebrate, so I'm having a GIVEAWAY and EVERYONE is welcome!

Have you heard about PENDANTIC?! Well, its an awesome online store over at! Just something about handmade that really sets me off - in a nice way!

Dani from Pendantic over at Madeit has kindly offered this beautiful pendant to be put up for grabs!

{ Summer Citrus }

Dani has a beautiful range of handmade scrabble tile pendants in her shop at an absolutely wonderful price! Perfect for gifts or even just grab one for yourself! I'm considering buying one for everyday of the week!

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There is something here for everybody!

All you have to do is make a comment telling us your favourite item in the Pendanitc Shop & your email address, that's it! I will choose a winner and notify the winner by email as well as announce it right here!

Contest ends Sunday May 31st at 8pm EST - that's Australian Time.
The Winner will be announced on Monday June 1st! Just in time to celebrate my daughters 12th birthday!

Good Luck to all of you and get posting!!!!

EDIT: I really apologise to everyone! The last link was wrong, I have no idea where the esty link came from as I hardly ever go there - prefer the Australian Made It :) Link is now fixed and everyone already entered is still in the running.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I REPEAT - DO NOT leave your children unattended and accidentally leave the toilet door open!

You may just end up with 4 - yes 4! - rolls of toilet paper in the toilet. But that's not all! After you remove the 4 rolls of toilet paper, all wet and soggy, your may just find a dozen ' women's ' products stuffed down there. And when I say stuffed I mean 'take the toilet brush and jam them down there' stuffed!

No pictures of this disaster. I wasn't thinking of that at the time - although I should have been! I just wanted it out of my toilet and all I was thinking about at the time was just how much 4 rolls of toilet paper costs these days!

My two little ones looked quite impressed with themselves really but if you ask Anna - 'Zachy did it!' I can laugh now and I blame myself, I really should close the toilet - I normally do and I'm always on everyone else's butt to close the door!

So please make sure you close the toilet door if you have little ones! I wouldn't want you to have pull wet and soggy toilet paper out of the toilet.....yuck! Hahahaha.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! all you over worked and under paid Mummies
(and of course Mummies to be) out there!

"Happy Mother's Day"
to my beautiful Mum!
Love you!

My morning so far:

Breakfast in bed - tomatoes on toast, with a sprinkling of sugar (yummy) and a lovely cup of tea.
Lovely pressies and plenty of cards (photos to come)
Lots of kisses and cuddles!

So far I have done very little. Ashlee has gotten the kids breakfast, changed their nappies and sorted them all out - Thanks Ash!

(Brett has gone wood comment on that!)

Now I'm off to do a lot more of nothing!

Have a great day!