Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the winner is!

Sorry for the delay - things got a little weird around here but we are back on track now! I was going to do the cute kid holding up the winning name thing but really don't have time so instead I used the random number generator thing.

So here we go....the winner of the Pendant from the lovely Dani is:

Comment number 5!

Taking out the double posts it came down to:

Angelique from No life without Wife! (Hows that for weird - Angelique will know what I mean!)

Congratulations Angelique! I will be in contact with you shortly.

Everyone one else - Head over to Pendantic and buy yourself one :) (Ashlee got one for her birthday and loves it!)

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Lois said...

Sorry...this is late....congratulations to Angelique on winning and thanks again Naomi for the giveaway.

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