Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Update

Hello everyone! Been extremely busy over this christmas period so I just thought I would do a quick update for you all. I haven't been doing much sewing over this time, haven't really had the time! Went to the Spotlight Boxing day sale and brought a new sewing machine - $500 reduced to $239!!!! Bargain, more about that and pics in the next post.

Firstly, Mitchell got a Thomas games drawer for christmas from his Nan and it had all these little pieces that would go EVERYWHERE! So I sewed up a few little cases that close with velcro to keep everything tidy.

Went to spotlight and brought a pattern and some material to make myself a top (hopefully I will get time soon!)

Ok that pretty much it for now, I have run out of time and need to go and get stuff done. I'll be back soon!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Re-vamped Lamp Shade & Extras

Ashlee knocked over her lamp and broke the shade. I thought 'oh well' I'll just get another one. Then my new found love for sewing got the better of me and I decided I would try my hand at recovering it. It was actually a great idea as Ashlee was than able to choose the fabric she wanted for the lamp and I even had enough left over to make her a matching pillow case too!

So here is the lamp shade, recovered with (I'm not sure what it is called but it starts with 'b') a stiff fabric as a base. I'm still waiting for the glue to dry.

This the lamp shade cover that I am in the middle of sewing together. I'm just making it so it can be pulled over the top and at a later stage we can just change it if we want to.

Oh, and a photo of the lamp that it will actually go on.....

Lastly, this is the finished matching pillowcase that I made. Not to bad for a very first time and completely freehand too!

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far and hopefully I will have the lampshade finished before bed tonight. Ashlee is very happy and thinks its great that the cover can just be pulled off and changed as she feels like it!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

School lunches and this & that

Yesterday afternoon we did our grocery shopping **exciting I know!**. All 6 of us went down as a family and I was so surprised when we returned home having spent nearly $100 less than I normally would! I think I'll take them all with me every time. This week I did a meal plan and a shopping list and really tired to stick to it (although we did purchase a few items not on our list). I also decided that instead of buying all my daughters luch items even week that we would start making things to have for lunch. I think that went a long way to bringing down my grocery bill.

Firstly we (Mitchell and myself) whipped up some Banana muffins and some Chocolate Choc-Chip muffins. We also made some mini ones just for Mitchell. After that we made some 'Weetbix Slice'. It is made with Weetbix (well dar!), sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, a little bit of sugar and golden syrup and a few other things. It didn't turn out to bad, and tastes yummy!

We really have packed up a yummy lunch for Ashlee tomorrow and Mitchell was really stoked to have a little lunch box packed up for him too! We packed in a Sandwich, some weetbix slice, a banana muffin, a banana and an apple, some cheese and biscuits, than the unhealthy stuff - a packet of chips. Over all its pretty good.

As for everything here at home, I have cut out and pinned a nappy (still trying to get time to get near the sewing machine). I am going down today to grab some button and I'm determined to get Anna's dress finished so I can wrap it up for christmas. I also need to find a pattern for some shortalls to make for Zachary so he gets some too. I have pretty much finished my christmas shopping and just need to buy some stocking stuffers for the kids - oh and pick up DF pressie (must not forget to do that!). My mum, 2 brothers and one brothers DF as well as my SIL and nephew are coming on Monday to have christmas with us. I haven't had to do anything though which has been great. It has all been organised by my mum. It will be great to have christmas at home this year, having the twins (who really don't like being away from home) it will be good to be at home and not have to travel.

Also today we finally got the shots we had taken of the twins 2 months ago back and I just love them! Zach was extremely happy for the shoot but Anna on the other hand really didn't want to know about it.

And lastly I just had to share this one . . . . . . . .

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Christmas Elf!

My Christmas Elf's name is:

Find out what you Elf's name is at

Bit of a photo post

Went a bit snap happy today and got some lovely photos of the twins and Mitchell. Its just so easy to take HEAPS of photos in these digital days!

This one of Zach that I absolutely love! He just melts my heart. And one of Anna, she is actually smiling for the camera!! (She doesn't often do that).

And my little show pony Mitchell who would do anything to be in front of the camera!

Ashlee went to carols by candel light last night and came home with a painted face so I just had to get a photo of it....

And lastly, my two little fatties in thier 'Bumbo'. It is just the BEST invention, gets them up off the floor where they want to be and they can look around and part of the family...

Ok thats enough photos for now. Best go and start getting my family organised!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nearly there

I have now finished doing most of the dress. I have only got to do the button holes, sew on the buttons and give it an iron. I'm pretty happy with the out come!

As for life here at home.....its a little hectic at the moment. Anna has bronchiolitis (and has had for about 3 weeks now - just slowly getting worse) and Zach is now showing signs of it to. We were expecting him to get it as it is highly contigeous and they are in close contact all the time. We have to keep an eye on them as it can get quite bad (we have nearly had Anna in hospital over the last few days) quite quickly. Also the fact that they are ex-prems doesn't help. We are at a lose to know how they got it as no one we know has it and it is usually a winter ailment but they have it allthe same and I feel so terrible watching them cough and have trouble feeding etc. There is also nothing they can do for them as it is a virus and antibiotics don't work on viruses.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yummy home cooking

Not my home creations but my daughters! My mum came down for a few days and did some cooking with Ashlee. I must say the outcome is delicious!!!!!

First they made yummy caramel fudge - that is my absolute favourite!

Then they made Rocky Road! DP's favourite.

Then it was onto Coconut Rough's - and well, they got consumed before I had a chance to get any photos!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A work in progress

The dress I am making for my daughter is coming along nicely! I am quite happy with it. I am glad I started out with such an easy pattern. I only have to sew around the edges and make the panties to go underneath (the hard bit that I will do when its not midnight!) and I'm finished.

Because she is still so small it may be a little big on her at the moment but at the rate she is catching up I'm sure she will grow into it soon.

Also decided to get some happy snaps of the older kids by the christmas tree that they put up and decorated ALL BY THEMSELVES! I'm so proud of them. We could have a few more lights but other wise they did a great job! (unfortunately the twins were asleep by then. I'll try and get some christmas shots of them soon.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New addition to my MCN essentials

I have just recieved my newest addition to my MCN stash. My new 'Wetbag'!

I have really been looking forward to recieving this as I'm really sick of carrying around plastic bags and this is far more stylish ..... hehehe! Now dampness and smells will be kept at bay while out and about.

Oh, small things amuse small minds don't they ...... hahahaha!

A 'Spotlight' Sale

I was down the street picking up a few things at Spotlight and noticed some fabrics on sale really cheap so I decided to grab some. Couldn't hurt, I'm sure it will get used at some stage for something. They were all so beautiful/cute so I had to get them, most of them were only $3/mtr too!

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I'm considering using the 'stars' to make little Anna's dress. The rest will probably be used for her too (and maybe some nappies).

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Its a mini disaster.....

but its cute .... I had an attempt at making a fleece pocket nappy and I must say that it really is not what I though it would be.

I went to fast and made (quite) a few mistakes, I'm really not happy with myself.

On the other hand I have tried it out on my little girl and it does work! It will definately be an 'at home' nappy though. Not something to be overly proud of.

My next attempt will be with blue fabric for my little boy and I will definately be taking more care on this one! My even change my pattern or just make it a fitted one (a little easier for me being a 'newbie'!)

Monday, December 10, 2007

I've been simpsonized!!

This is how I would look if I was a simpsons character! Hmmmmm.....

My addiction has started!

Today is the first day of my absolute addiction to sewing! I have this weird urge to sew - ANYTHING!

So far I have only made one terry fitted nappy but it came out ok. I am now in the process of making my daughter a dress, so we will see the outcome of that shortly!

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