Friday, November 28, 2008

LOVE Fridays!

No pictures today. I am currently in Canberra seeing my Mum and the rest of family after spending a day or two in Sydney.

My LOVE today is answers!

Speaking of we saw Dr Lowe! In just a few words: brilliant, lovely and just what we needed. I will do a more detailed post when we return home on Sunday but we have a few more answers and have made a bit more progress. Really worth the loooonnnngggg trip to Sydney with 3 (of the 4) small children. We did establish that it is not just affecting his legs but his right arm to and most likely his mouth - more on that later. We are due to go back and see him again on March 13th. In the mean time; the MRI, more X-Rays, hearing and sight tests and more therapy. Dr Lowe feels that we need a bit more time before we start with Splints or Botox (we are really hoping that we don't need to go to this extent). Zachary is only 18 months (today!) and starting on these things to soon may actually send him backwards rather then help him right now. We are happy with the current situation there. Now we just have wait for (the government red tape) our local DADHC branch to make an appointment with us for our needs assessment visit and start our therapy with them. Things are moving along slowly I guess.

We also have Anna's appointment at the Eye Hospital on March 5th. Why oh why is our health system soooo bad that you have to wait sooooo long to get into these doctors?! We have also been told that their is no Paediatric Opthamologist in Canberra so if we need to see anyone else we will need to travel to Sydney for that too! It is just one thing after another - please keep us in your prayers.

I really should head off. It is really quite late and I really should rest up for some shopping tomorrow.

P.S I also just made some lovely purchases over here - excited! hehehehe

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday! (yes I know.....

its not Monday, but you get that sometimes).

This week I'm doing something a little different. Since we are going away on Thursday until Sunday I really don't see the point in doing a meal plan this week. I am looking forward to eating with family especially my Grandmother and Dad who I haven't seen since March.

This week I am going to share with you some of my favourite recipes from around the Web:


Beef Casserole
Chicken & Potato Bake
Chicken & Vegetable Pie
Egg & Bacon Pie


Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots


Baked Cheesecake
Coconut & Jam Tarts
Trifle a la The Happy House Wife


Banana Bread
Anzac Biscuits
Cupcake Pops thanks to Bakerella - you really have to try these!
5 minute Chocolate mug cake - I've heard good and bad about this recipe but I've gotta say if done right it does turn out quite well!

So there you go, just a few recipes that I love for you to try out.

Make sure you head over to Organizing Junkie for more Menu Plan Monday's!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another edition of......

Did you miss the last one?! Oh, hang it definitely was Not Me that totally didn't even post a Not Me last week (or the week before now that I look!) because I really didn't feel like it. I really did not have so much going on that posting a Not Me just wasn't high on my list. I would never!

It is Not Me that is going to do Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday. I would never use the fact that it will still be Monday in the US when I do it as an excuse.

It was Not Me that was sitting on the couch with my laptop on my, well, lap at 2am this morning (when Brett got up for work) catching up on blog reading because I couldn't sleep. No it was not. I was sleeping like a baby at 2am - Not!

And....Anna is not laying on some pillows on the lounge room floor right now, asleep. She didn't wake up cry, again! I did not give in this time because it is the 3rd night in a row she has done this and I really don't want Zach to wake up again. Now I would never let my children do that when they have a perfectly good bed!

I most definitely did not almost cry out loud this afternoon when Mitchell went to spend a few days with Aunt Linda and I am not feeling a little teary right now thinking about it. He is a big boy and loves having sleep overs at Linda's. I really don't miss him so much I don't know what to do with myself. Not me.

I also am not sitting here writing this Not Me post right now at after 10pm when I should be finishing up (or should I say should have already finished up) cleaning up. No way.

It was Not Me that TOTALLY enjoyed an hour and half to myself today with no children, not even one, here to hang off my legs while I'm trying to do the dishes or climb all over me when I try to sit on the couch for 5 minutes. It was Not Me that turned the music up loud and sang while making the beds. That terrible voice you heard today, well it wasn't me!

And lastly, it was Not Me that just left a mess on the office/craft room floor after Anna knocked over the ironing board with all my pins and thread sitting on it. It was Not Me, I swear! Not Me that decided I would pick it all up in the morning while the twins are in their highchairs eating breakfast. It is also Not Me that is using that as an excuse not to do Menu Plan Monday today!

Head on over to Mckmama's to read some things that we all haven't been up to this week! Maybe even join in yourself!

Do you like pretty?

Are you looking for that something beautiful for you home? Or would you love to give a gorgeous gift this Christmas to somebody special? Than....

....I would like to introduce to you a brand new online shop!

It has the most stunningly pretty and sweet items up for sale at excellent prices!

I have gone through all the pretty things over and over and have chosen my absolute favourites (that I will share with you if you promise not to buy them first! hehehehehe)

First of all....this

French Vintage White Teapot

I have fallen in love with these...

4 Black & White Coasters

And this will be hanging in my kitchen!

Vintage Fresh Coffee Brewed Sign with Hooks

And this in my bathroom...


I would love to design my little ones nursery/bedroom around this print

Vintage Baby Boy "Lullaby Sleeper & Co" Framed Print

Or this one.....

Vintage Baby Girl "Lullaby Sleeper & Co" Framed Print

There are some lovely clocks here....

My favourite

Buon Appetito Kitchen Clock

So make sure you head over and have a look! They even have Gift Certificates available! Melissa will be adding new things all the time so if they don't have exactly what you want now check back regularly! Have any questions? Contact Melissa - she's lovely : )

A Success!

Today Zachary and Anna spent an hour and half for the first time EVER at day-care. Just to see how they was an absolute hit, apparently not missing me one bit! I am so pleased. This means they can now spend some time at day-care every week and I can actually have 5 minutes to myself - YIPPEE! They are now going to go from 8am - 1pm every Monday and I can , well, do what ever I want! (In reality it will probably be housework, shopping or playing catch up).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do you remember?

Just wanted to quickly add these photos, not sure if I ever blogged them!

Little shorts I made for my girl....

And......she walks!! I don't think I've seen her crawl for a good few days now - exciting!

I surprise myself sometimes + Sunday Stash + a recipe!

For the last few days Ashlee has been at me for a new pencil case. Her old one had really bit the dust. Being a small town there was no way I was paying the ridiculous amount they wanted for a small one down at the local general store! Then.....Ashlee had the brilliant idea to 'just make one!'. Well, you say, just make one.......easy for some to say but I have never just made one before and only had a day to do it in. A bit daunting really. So I decided to just do it and see how it all went. Ashlee picked out the fabric she wanted, I decided to use calico for the lining and I also added a middle layer of PUL (this I use when making MCN's) just to give it that extra bit of leak proof. Leaking pens can look ugly! So we don't want to keep you waiting, after a few hours sewing, a trip to the Op Shop for a white zip (which we picked up for a few cents), a bit of unpicking and re-sewing - zippers on pencil cases aren't my thing, I have never put a zipper on a pencil case - we finally came up with this..........(excuse the photos - sun was going down and it wasn't the best light, oh and promise not to look to close!)

Looks good, Ashlee loves it. The little birdie was meant to have a sort of rustic frayed edge look going on. Didn't come out to bad but not as I had pictured. Look out for more little things like this though because I did enjoy trying something new.

Now when I say plus Sunday Stash (week 2) I totally mean 'take a look at the fabric on the pencil case'!. I kinda like it - well I did buy it - but never thought I would be making a pencil case out of it! Find more players here.

I also promised some photos of the super yummy Apple (and Blackberry) Custard Slice. Now bear with me as my 4 slice tins have gone walk about (grrrrrrr!) I can not for the life of me find them so this one got cooked in a smaller cake tin. Worked fine I guess - definitely didn't change the taste, it was soooooo yummy! To explain the blackberries, I only had one tin and being a weekend the shops weren't open. My lovely neighbour kindly offered me her last tub of homemade stewed blackberries! I jumped at the offer and was very grateful.

And here is the recipe for you all:
Apple Custard Slice

Makes about: 16
Prep Time: 25 minutes
Cooking: 1 hour

1 cup plain flour, sifted
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
125g butter, melted
icing sugar, to dust
800g can pie apple
(I used 500g pie apple & 300g stewed blackberries)
3/4 cup thickened cream
2 eggs
2 tbsp caster sugar
1/2 cup plain flour
1/2 cup slivered almonds (I didn't use these)
1/3 cup brown sugar
60g butter, melted

1. Preheat oven to 180c. Lightly grease and line an 18 x 28cm slice pan with baking paper.
2. Combine flour, brown sugar, coconut. Blend in butter. Press mix firmly into prepared pan. Bake for 15 - 20 minutes until lightly browned, allow to cool.
3. FILLING: Spread apple (& blackberries mix) over base. Whisk together cream, eggs, caster sugar. Pour over apple (& blackberries). Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until firm.
4. TOPPING: Combine all the ingredients. Sprinkle evenly over slice. Bake for 12 - 15 minutes until golden. Allow to cool in pan. Dust with icing sugar, cut into squares and serve! YUMMY!

In other news
, while I was getting the photo's off the camera I came across some that I didn't take - which is rare. Daddy's been taking pictures of his boy! Here is Zachary, my budding artist.

....And check out the new teeth he is sporting now!

That brings the total up to 10 with the two new molars he has recently cut.

Zach is such a determined little man, even with his limitations he surprises us every single day! Attempting to crawl, trying to climb - unfortunately falling a lot, but trying all the same. His speech is behind but he gets around it and he is super cute to boot!

We also got the long awaited phone call from DADHC regarding Zach's intake. He has been accepted and will start his therapy very soon. Thank you to all those who prayed! This will mean that all his therapy will be government funded and this will save us thousands! We are very happy about this. We are also heading off on Thursday to Sydney to meet with Dr Lowe, that I mentioned before, to hopefully get some more help. Unfortunately this will cost about $350 just to walk in the door but from what I hear it is worth it.

Alright better be heading off - I'm trying to decide (by tomorrow!) if I'm going to join in on the fun with Sew, Mama, Sew! Give-Away I have enough confidence??

Friday, November 21, 2008

Love Fridays!

I love Friday's because I get to read other lovely ladies posts and have them remind me that I need to change my address with Spotlight! I hope the tenants in our house are enjoying my mail!

Also Friday means lazy Saturday mornings with freshly brewed cappuccino's
and maybe even choc-chip pancakes!

Go see Big Cat for more Friday Love!

(We are getting closer to 150 posts!)

Well here I am (again)

A little bit more to say before I head to bed. Its late and Brett is going to wondering where I am.....

This afternoon I was able to finally finish some shorts! Yes, I couldn't believe it either! But its real look, I have photos to prove it!

Zach's (on the right) are completely finished and are also post-wear in the picture. He loves em'! Anna's are pretty much finished but the hem and waist are still currently pinned. I had a 'problem' with the cotton and ended up having to pick up some more while I was in town picking up Ashlee from school - she was getting back from school camp! I had to unpick all the hems and the waist too! Boy was that a job! Long story but it looked, well, cheap. Its done now and when I get two seconds tomorrow I will sew it all up and stick it on her! Photos to follow.

Here is my little man in his new adored shorts! Doesn't he look 'chuffed' - oh you melt my heart 'little J man'

Other things that went on here to day...Anna decided she wanted to cuddle! Zachary though and ONLY Zachary. He loved it to begin with.....

Took it for a little bit more....

Then decided enough was enough and wanted to be left alone. Anna didn't really want to :(

After a while she found my sunnies and proceeded to 'model' them - darling you crack me up!

Yes, little Anna. You are a stunner!

And how could we have a few photos with out one of my big boy - complete with photoshop-ed off (does that even make sense?) sauce from around his mouth....

Photos of the Apple Custard Slice (which became Apple and Blackberry Custard Slice!?) to come tomorrow and some more sewing! Oh and I'm going to tackle Ashlee and get Mitchell to sit on her so I can get at least one photo of her before she is 30!

I got an award!

from Tamara over at 1/4 of an inch! This is quite 'WOW' to me because Tamara's little piece of blog land is one of my favourite reads! Thank you!

Tamara's blog describes the award like this:

"The "Proximidade" or "Friendship around the World" award is for blogs that are special in some way and extend the hand of friendship around the world. All I have to do is pass this on to eight of my favourite blogs, and ask that they do the same."

Lovely idea - I always wonder who starts these. Here is my eight blogs that I would like to award for being 'totally excellent'!

Miss Marzie
Tiny Happy
Three Buttons
Two Little Banshees

Thank you ladies for such lovely reads every day!

And here it is!

Yesterday I promised you a more personal post. Well one thing led to another and it never got done, but don't stress - I'm here now!

Here is my Wednesday - 'On my desk...' Friday post for you, I'm slack like that sometimes....

This has been on my desk for a few days now so I'm not was there Wednesday too! The fabric on the machine is Zach's mostly finished shorts. I just have to hem them and add elastic. The fabric in front is for Anna's shorts - isn't it just great! They are cut out and half pinned so we will be getting to them today - shortly.

Later on I will be making this...

I really can't wait! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I'll get you some photos and the recipe when I'm done - are you excited?!

But for now I will be sitting for a moment enjoying this...

Ashlee gave it to me one year for my birthday (? - maybe Christmas, I'm hopeless today!) and I just love it! My little 'tea for one' set complete with a chocolate cake tea strainer - Oh I'm really hungry now!

And know that fabric shelf in my office craft cupboard I showed you before?! Well I cleaned it up the other day, looks a lot better now.

Better back in second...I have been awarded!!!

Oh so funny!

Sorry to put you all through this but I have been seeing a quite a few 'Children' from 'Make Me Babies' around lately and decided to give it a try to see how 'correct' it got it - but I can't find any decent photos of Brett yet so I decided to do the next best thing! Use my brother, Daniel and my sister in law, Melissa...Here is the result....

This is their little baby boy - Damel

And their little baby girl - Melda!
Cute kids guys!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon Giveaway!

Check it out!

Tip Junkie is hosting an amazing give away - that goes for 12 days!

There are heaps of prizes and there are also TWO WINNERS each day! You have to head over there, 'gotta be in it to win it'! Hurry though we are already at day 8!!

This 'little' giveaway is to help promote the women who are selling their products in the Mom-preneur Shop-a-thon. So be sure to head on over to Tip Junkie, enter the contests and check out all the amazing gift-giving possibilities in the shop-a-thon!

Homemade Gift Ideas!

I have been loving the blogosphere's recent onslaught of homemade gift ideas! I have saved many of them to my bookmarks for future reference but I thought you might enjoy to see a few of my most favourite ideas....

Over at Little Birdie Secrets you can find a tutorial for these great 'Fish in a bag' Soaps! I think they are an absolutely brilliant idea! Something you could whip up quite easily for the kiddies in your life - or even an adult! I know I would love it : )

There is this divine body scrub if you check out The Tip Spot! The pictures alone make me want to run a nice warm bath and soak (for hours!). Ha, what am I thinking?! The last time I had a bath was (literally) about 2 years ago! But it would make a great pressie for a special recipient.

Head to Angry Chicken to see how to make this beautiful Lip Balm. I am hanging to get to Canberra next weekend to get the ingredients for this. Sadly our local area does not stock most of these things - well really, would you expect them to?!

Dollar Store Crafts has a great little tutorial for stamping a onesie. This idea can also be used on other fabric projects as well!

One of my favourite blogs, Ric-Rac, has a terrific tute for making a 'one hour bag'. Simple, easy and fast - great gift idea.

This idea over at Atomic Shrimp is just brilliant! What a great idea to re-use a soft drink can. We collect them here to give to Brett's dad who then takes them swap for money. Great idea but sorry 'Pop' - your going to be a few short this time.....

Lastly, I love this idea for a Collapsible Bucket that I found at I can think of a million uses for this bucket and I just have to have one - or make one I should say. I can think of a few other people that might like this for Christmas too!

Hope you enjoyed this little post! For more great ideas make sure you head over to One Pretty Thing...A hive of SUPER great ideas to be found there - I {heart} One Pretty Thing!

Check back, after I have caught up on the dreaded house work I plan on a more personal post. Lots of sewing went on on my weekend in Canberra. I even made a Train Softie! (by request)

Also, I am planning a Give Away! Not sure yet when, but it will definitely be before 150 posts!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week I'm not really 'into' doing a meal plan. To tell you the truth, I really couldn't be bothered! But all that aside with a household of 6 (7 if you include the cat) it HAS to be done, I have no choice. I'm going to go with a couple of easy favourites and one super yummy new recipe that I 'experienced' over the weekend while staying with my Mum. It was so yummy that I am definitely going to serve it up to my family. So here goes before I run out of 'want to' ...

Monday - Super easy Crunchy Top Meatloaf tonight. That couldn't be bothered 'tude is popping up everywhere!

Tuesday - The ever faithful Macaroni Carbonara tonight

Wednesday - Tonight is going to be the NEW Super Yummy Pizza Chicken - you have to try it!

Thursday - Mongolian Lamb - Yummy!

Friday - Take Away - love Fridays!

Saturday - Chicken Bolognese

Sunday - Hamburgers with the Lot

Other things we will be (or at least probably will be) cooking this week:

Apple Custard Slice
Choc-Chip Pikelets
Banana Bread
Bacon & Cheese Scrolls
Short Bread - We will be making it Two Toned!
(I might add more things to this shortly!)

There you go! Enjoy! Make sure you check out Organising Junkie's blog for more 'Menu Plan Monday' !

Now off to organise next weeks meals ready for my fortnight shopping on Wednesday....

This is.... favourite thing from nature!

Clear blue sky on a sunny day!

And...Beautiful, majestic animals at my back fence.

Thank you to Cloth and Fodder for this weeks 'This is...' and to ThreeButtons for hosting!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On my desk...

See these....

I spend an unbelievable amount of time during the day picking them up! If they are at the table, I'm picking them up off the floor. If they are in the pram, I'm picking them up off the ground - it is really starting to bug me....

So today's plan....

See these....

I'm going to use them in conjunction with this....

And make some tethers to attach them to either the highchairs or the pram - Problem solved!

Oh I'm so happy!! hehehehe

I also REALLY need to do something with this. I picked it up ages ago really cheap and it has been sitting in the office ever since! (It has hooks on it too)

To check out more "On my desk..." 's (make sense?!) head on over to here! Thank you to the lovely Kootoyoo for hosting!

Tip Junkie 12 days of Christmas!

A favorite blog of mine, Tip Junkie, is hosting a '12 days of Christmas' giveaway! Lots of excellent prizes to be won over there!

They also have a mom-preneur shop will all sorts of fun Christmas gifts. Make sure you check it out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where is my witty title? - VERY photo heavy!

Well, what has been going on here lately??

Not to much apart from everyday life - busy busy! I don't seem to have much time to get on here and blog - as much as I want to! The days seem to be flying by even with daylight saving. By the time I get everything done around the house its time to head to bed it feels like!

I have had a few minutes here and there which has been spent reading mostly. Organising a few last minute handmade gifts and organising some Christmas food ideas. Today I have spent a bit of time with this.....

Although I don't usually buy this magazine, this issue had some super yummy recipes in it for Christmas. I have found myself spending a bit of time hovering around this page

Looks like Christmas dinner might have some delicious dessert!

But I'm really keen on this too!

I thought this idea was cute...

Might even try it! I certainly have plenty of baby socks hanging around here!

I have been loving the 'practical uses' in this book (and have been using a lot of them too!)

Cleaned the microwave with a simple wipe after boiling up vinegar, water and bi-carb for a few minutes. Adding vinegar to my rinse cycle in the washing machine to cut down lint and even smells. I especially love using vinegar with my MCN's now. No more lingering 'smells' that make you think somethings gone on down there when it really hasn't.

Yesterday I had a lovely prize arrive in my mail box. A sweet smelling package from the lovely Angelique from No life without Wife! When I entered this giveaway I never thought I would win anything (I never win anything). Well I in fact came second, and only through luck as even having a second prize winner was never mentioned.

Take a look a this lovely fabric and some absolutely beautiful smelling soap! You could smell it before you even opened the package! Devine!

THANK YOU Angelique! The package has arrived and it is loved!

Lately I have been spending some time in my garden with my camera, I am loving spring. This is our first spring here and I can't get over how this garden comes alive in spring!

The beautiful flowers that adorn our carport - complete with little bees!

The gorgeous pink flowers that are growing in a corner by the pond - which is now full thanks to Mitchell and the hose today!

We have heaps of rose bushes around , all producing lots of lovely flowers...

We have an old shoe cleaner by our back steps and I thought this would make a lovely 'antique' photo. (Thanks to Coffee Shop Photography Free Actions and Tutorials!)

Just enjoying the sweet clear sky and.....

...the beautiful view from our back deck.

I have also been loving the water shots over at Sarcastic Mom. I thought I would try some out myself.
Lots of fun!

We also took a little trip down to see 'Pop' at the farm. I did get some lovely shots while there. Loving the blue sky! It was a beautiful warm sunny day!

See for yourself! When I say warm - I mean warm!

Mitchell did some 'fishing' in the river. Brett and 'Pop' fixed the water pump.

And its always fun throwing rocks in the water too!

We also marvelled at the circle of life...

I think that is about all for this post. I decided not to join in this week with 'Not Me Monday' as I was just Not Me. Feeling unwell and lacking for words. Lets hope this week goes a bit better.

We are heading to Canberra this weekend too! Looking forward to seeing everyone again....

Catch you all later!