Friday, November 21, 2008

Well here I am (again)

A little bit more to say before I head to bed. Its late and Brett is going to wondering where I am.....

This afternoon I was able to finally finish some shorts! Yes, I couldn't believe it either! But its real look, I have photos to prove it!

Zach's (on the right) are completely finished and are also post-wear in the picture. He loves em'! Anna's are pretty much finished but the hem and waist are still currently pinned. I had a 'problem' with the cotton and ended up having to pick up some more while I was in town picking up Ashlee from school - she was getting back from school camp! I had to unpick all the hems and the waist too! Boy was that a job! Long story but it looked, well, cheap. Its done now and when I get two seconds tomorrow I will sew it all up and stick it on her! Photos to follow.

Here is my little man in his new adored shorts! Doesn't he look 'chuffed' - oh you melt my heart 'little J man'

Other things that went on here to day...Anna decided she wanted to cuddle! Zachary though and ONLY Zachary. He loved it to begin with.....

Took it for a little bit more....

Then decided enough was enough and wanted to be left alone. Anna didn't really want to :(

After a while she found my sunnies and proceeded to 'model' them - darling you crack me up!

Yes, little Anna. You are a stunner!

And how could we have a few photos with out one of my big boy - complete with photoshop-ed off (does that even make sense?) sauce from around his mouth....

Photos of the Apple Custard Slice (which became Apple and Blackberry Custard Slice!?) to come tomorrow and some more sewing! Oh and I'm going to tackle Ashlee and get Mitchell to sit on her so I can get at least one photo of her before she is 30!

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Laura said...

Oh my - these photos are gushing cute-ness.

Thanks for sharing!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

What beautiful photos of your smalls! I love the shorts - especially the construction print.

Melissa Searle said...

The shorts are sooooo cute! :) Good job. Now you have to teach me how to sew. Haha :) I actually wanna try to make a skirt, or a couple for Church soon. See how that goes! :) Will prob need your help. Haha
The pics are so cute. Anna is so gorgeous in her sunnies, lol and Zach looks adorable in his shorts. :)


Carina said...

Aww.. that picture of Anne in the white shirt with her sunglasses reminds me so much of Tom Cruise in Risky Buisness!

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