Thursday, November 6, 2008

Feeling C***!

Sorry about the title but it's true....

Not much going on here. Haven't been feeling the best for the last few days. I did end up finishing Brett's overalls but other then the usual everyday house work there hasn't been much else going here. This waiting to see people regarding Zach is really getting me down. There are some real issues that I need to discuss with SOMEONE and its just not happening. I really feel for people out there with children with a disability (Geez - did I just say that, actually has made me feel a little sad). Zach's issues could be 100 times worse and I would still probably not have made any progress. Mitchell was at pre-school on Wednesday for 4 hours and it felt like I was on the phone the ENTIRE time trying to get something happening.

Come back tomorrow - I'm actually going to do 'On my desk' ON FRIDAY! I'm going to have a nice hot chocolate and head to the mean time I'll leave you with a few photos....(to brighten my night :)

The outcome of our 'Puff Painting' session (I don't know who enjoyed it more - the kids or me! haha)

And a few 'happy snaps' from the past few days....Sweet Dreams!

And there will be pictures of Ashlee on here soon! If she will stand still long enough to get them!

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Brindlegirl said...

I love your photos!! You use a good camera don't you? I have no clue about photography etc but your photos are amazing, so full of colour and .... hard to explain but - so artistic!!

I was coming on here to ask about the puff painting as I loved that when I was younger, however I found the link on your blog to the recipe or ingredients. I think we'll do it soon and I can also guarantee I'll be having more fun than Hugh!

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