Friday, November 28, 2008

LOVE Fridays!

No pictures today. I am currently in Canberra seeing my Mum and the rest of family after spending a day or two in Sydney.

My LOVE today is answers!

Speaking of we saw Dr Lowe! In just a few words: brilliant, lovely and just what we needed. I will do a more detailed post when we return home on Sunday but we have a few more answers and have made a bit more progress. Really worth the loooonnnngggg trip to Sydney with 3 (of the 4) small children. We did establish that it is not just affecting his legs but his right arm to and most likely his mouth - more on that later. We are due to go back and see him again on March 13th. In the mean time; the MRI, more X-Rays, hearing and sight tests and more therapy. Dr Lowe feels that we need a bit more time before we start with Splints or Botox (we are really hoping that we don't need to go to this extent). Zachary is only 18 months (today!) and starting on these things to soon may actually send him backwards rather then help him right now. We are happy with the current situation there. Now we just have wait for (the government red tape) our local DADHC branch to make an appointment with us for our needs assessment visit and start our therapy with them. Things are moving along slowly I guess.

We also have Anna's appointment at the Eye Hospital on March 5th. Why oh why is our health system soooo bad that you have to wait sooooo long to get into these doctors?! We have also been told that their is no Paediatric Opthamologist in Canberra so if we need to see anyone else we will need to travel to Sydney for that too! It is just one thing after another - please keep us in your prayers.

I really should head off. It is really quite late and I really should rest up for some shopping tomorrow.

P.S I also just made some lovely purchases over here - excited! hehehehe

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

Gosh, that's such a that's a lot of travel with the little ones. It makes me realise how incredibly lucky we are to be in 30 minutes drive from the Children's Hospital here for all our specialist appointments. Will be thinking of you - do hope you get that DADHC appointment quickly.

Linda said...

sorry to hear about all the hassle with your appointments and travel!! The waiting for appointments is appauling everywhere I think,it really sucks when it's little ones involved. I hope you did rest up and had some big time retail therapy!!!!

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