Monday, November 3, 2008

My craft space

This month over at Organizing Junkie they rounding up the Craft Rooms - I hadn't planned on it but after spending some time doing a few things in our Office/Craft Room over the last few weeks (of my own accord and not just for the round up) I thought 'what the heck' I'll join in! This is my first time so be kind to me ... hahaha.

I don't have any before photos because as I said I had no intentions of doing this but I can show you a few after photos and you will just have to visualize the (terrible) before's.

This is one area that still needs more work...but it is a lot better because before this I didn't even have a cupboard to put it all in!

This is most of my fabric for the time being

Here I have my everyday use stuff. My 'Side Winder', my patterns (on the right) I picked up most of the tubs and boxes at places like GoLo etc. I still have some work to do on this. I'm always moving stuff around until it suits me to a T (drives my family crazy!)

This area still has room to move! I'm yet to decide completely about what I'm going to put here but for now it looks kinda tidy!

This space is pretty much finished. I have made use of (the top photo) an old chips box (that I do plan to cover and make pretty!) to hold all my fabric scraps that are still kinda large or I just can't let go of. Then we have a plastic container holding craft and decorating magazines that I have borrowed from my Mum (so I don't mix them up with mine) and some of the kids craft things (sitting in front). I have a box (the white one - bottom photo) with current projects in it. I can pick this up at the drop of a hat and take it with me if I go to visit Mum etc.

Notice the bag sitting on top?! I have made use of an old bag that one of the Twins sheepskins came in to hold my wool and needles. Its the perfect size and that I can grab to if needed.

Here is my crafting/sewing desk. Notice my pride and joy?! I don't know how I lived with out my Snap Press! I use it for everything! (Sorry the photo is dark - its that kind of day) My view from this window is great. Great light, our front garden and of course the mail box - some of you will understand that comment.

And because my boy is a photo crazy, take of a photo of anything anytime kinda guy here is a photo of his paint brushes that he 'requested' I take....

Ok, so overall I still have a bit of work to do but just visualize the worst case scenario for your before photos and you will see I have done quite a bit! Hahaha.

I hope you have enjoyed a small look into my craft room. Make sure you go and check out some of the other Craft Rooms that Organizing Junkie and currently roundin' up!

2 yummy comments!:

Katie said...

looks great! I agree about the snap press, mine (Norm) is worshipped here.

Avlor said...

Great job! I may have to check into this mysterious snap press tool.

I had (and still have some) a fair amount of scraps I couldn't get rid of too. But I tried my hand at cloth napkins and have used up several of the scraps. (Note our cloth napkins don't have to match - 1 kid may have buzz lightyear, the other daisies, etc.) Dunno if that will help with scraps for you or not, but I thought I'd offer the idea.

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