Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me Monday! In honour of Baby Stellan!

OK so I totally lied! In honour of little Stellan coming home I just had to join in today's Not me Monday!

I did not just write a post promising no more post for today - never!

I did not look a couple of recent photos of me and think how terrible my nose looked and I most definitely did not have plastic surgery run through my mind....

I did not feed Zach and Anna half a Freddo Frog each because I was eating chocolate and they REALLY wanted some - no way!

I have certainly not let Mitchell watch Ice Age 2 and cartoons most of the day because it raining and cold outside. I would never let that happen! (He did some colouring in though)

I have not used disposable nappies all day because neither baby has pooed yet and I really couldn't stomach any nappy rinsing today. I would never do that - I love my MCN's!

I most certainly did not drive down to shops yesterday on warm and sunny day instead of walking the few kilometres. I would never waste fuel like that!

I did not put the Twins to bed last night without a bath because I was tired and just plan couldn't be bothered. I'm not like that....

OK, that's me for this week (but I might come back and update this post if I feel the need!) - make sure you check out Mckmama's Blog for other Not Me Monday-ites! (I'll come back with a more direct link soon, they are a day behind us here in Oz so there is no post yet and besides she has just brought home her amazing miracle! She most certainly doesn't even have to do a Not Me post this week!)

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Michelle said...

How fun for you to be blogging from down under and to get comments back from people so far away!~ I found you on MckMamma today as it is "Not me Monday".. ISn't it fun!!

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