Friday, November 21, 2008

And here it is!

Yesterday I promised you a more personal post. Well one thing led to another and it never got done, but don't stress - I'm here now!

Here is my Wednesday - 'On my desk...' Friday post for you, I'm slack like that sometimes....

This has been on my desk for a few days now so I'm not was there Wednesday too! The fabric on the machine is Zach's mostly finished shorts. I just have to hem them and add elastic. The fabric in front is for Anna's shorts - isn't it just great! They are cut out and half pinned so we will be getting to them today - shortly.

Later on I will be making this...

I really can't wait! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I'll get you some photos and the recipe when I'm done - are you excited?!

But for now I will be sitting for a moment enjoying this...

Ashlee gave it to me one year for my birthday (? - maybe Christmas, I'm hopeless today!) and I just love it! My little 'tea for one' set complete with a chocolate cake tea strainer - Oh I'm really hungry now!

And know that fabric shelf in my office craft cupboard I showed you before?! Well I cleaned it up the other day, looks a lot better now.

Better back in second...I have been awarded!!!

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