Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going's on at our home - in pictures! (warning PIC HEAVY!)

We have been mildly busy here. Still trying to come to terms with our recent news but also trying to move on - if you know what I mean....

Saturday: Decided to do some painting, well for the kids to do some painting. Zach and Anna were sleeping so it was the perfect time. I proceeded to have a cup of tea and relax for 5 minutes while they were doing this. It was great! The paint we used was home made from this recipe found here. Although I was in a bit of hurry to make it so it could have been better but the kids enjoyed it and the paintings turn out alright. The other great thing is this paint is totally eat-able! Totally toddler friendly!

Here is the painting session: in pictures (well a few anyway)

Excuse the boxes in the back ground I was also in the process of unpacking a few (more)

Mummy's sweet little boy

I also decided to take a few photo's of the beautiful flowers that have been popping up in our yard lately. They are all so lovely I just had to share!

Who's hiding in there?!

Here is a few pictures of Anna modelling her new shorts (thanks to mummy). She loves them.

And Ashlee on the other end of the camera ...this is what you get....ENJOY!

{ More coming - Photo bucket is just playing up on AGAIN! }

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

The painting looks like so much fun. I must try out that recipe ... I love the fact that it can be safely eaten! A very important point for painting at our place.

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