Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just another Update

A few things to share, where do I start??

I have decided to start knitting.....yes, knitting!! I used to hate knitted things but I'm really growing to love them. I am starting with a really easy pattern for a nappy soaker for Miss Anna. Its just finding the time to start it!

I wanted to turn this.....

Into this....

Once I get this one done I'll knit a blue version (without the frill) for Master Zachary.

I'm still in nappy making mode although I haven't had time to get much done! Here is one that I'm nearly finished. I just have to put the snaps on and sew it up.

It is a pocket nappy. I have really grown to love pockets, I find them a lot more user friendly. I have a few AIO's & fitted's but I keep coming back to the pockets. They dry quicker, don't need covers, can be stuffed with almost anything and are really easy to sew!

A quick photo of the Santa Sacks that my mum made the kids. I really love them, and the kids thought they were great too!

Thats all for tonight I think, hopefully some more interesting news to share next time. Till than, take care.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time for an Update

Hello everyone! Time for an update from me.....

Well, we have had a terrible start to the year. On January 4th we had Anna admitted to hospital with broncolitis. She had been sick for about 6 weeks before a doctor finally decided to have her admitted. After 5 days in our local hospital on oxygen Anna was transferred to a larger hospital (about an hour away) to be cared for by our usual Paed. With in half an hour of being there he had her on ventolin and antibiotics (to treat a secondary bacterial infection caused by having the mucus sitting in her lungs for so long without treatment!). The differences was amazing. Even though she was definately not 'better', you could see a marked improvement and she finally was able to have a decent feed and a decent sleep. We were all soooo relieved! She is home now although still not 100% but a lot happier. Here are some pics of her while she was in hospital.... Oh and used the hospitals Huggies nappies the whole time we were there and found out how much I love my MCN's!!!

You can see by the look on her face she was really not well

A 'famliy shot' & Anna sleeping in hospital cot

So what else have we been up to? Haven't had a chance to get any sewing done but hope to get back into it soon. Here is some other news....

Finally here is a photo of the finished dress I made for Anna ~ with Anna modelling it!

Used my flybuys points to get some Gift cards. Here are a couple of adorable t-shirts I picked up at Target with some of them today for Zach and Anna. Just couldn't resist!

Finally took a photo of my growing nappy stash (although there were still a few in the wash) - for twins its not that big but we are working on it! LOL!

We have:

40 Mandy Macs - our workhorse nappies
2 Pookey Pockets
1 Nappy Chappies - Sandman(?)
1 Ummm...not sure what this one is - blue with green frogs
3 BBH Magicalls (although only 2 pictured)
2 Home made fleece pockets (all homemades are made by me :)
1 Home made terry fitted (not pictured)
4 Peapod hemp boosters
1 Peapod bamboo booster
4 Home made boosters
6 Target brand nappy wraps (Not to bad - going to add some extra elastic around the legs)
9 BBH PUL Covers (not pictured - all in use or in the wash)

We also have on the way:

2 x Nappylicious 'My little pony' & 'Icecreams'
1 x Bubblebubs Green Dot Minky AIO
1 x Mandarin Daiquari Wild child Dreamy Night Nap

I think thats it. Really would love more ..... hehehe

I'm in the process of making Anna a 'Dora' fleece pocket and Zach an 'ABC' print fleece pocket. I'm also making Mitchell a 'Wiggles' Night nappy fleece pocket. He is still in nappies at night and loves the wiggles!

Ok just looked at the time - 2:30am!! Going to bed!!! Good night (morning LOL!) everyone.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A finished lamp at last!

Just a quick post to show my finished lamp - finally! BBL with more!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Happy New Year to All!!

Firstly, the lamp will be finished tonight and should be on my blog by tomorrow - just the little bits left to do....

How hectic has the last few weeks been?! I'm soooo glad it all over, its so tiring ..... hehehe.

I have had two sick bubs lately so I haven't had a lot of time to get anything done - The desire has been there though! I'm really hoping to get a whole lot more done now that the festive season is all over and we are back to normal (at least we will be when my eldest, Ashlee, gets back from holidays with her Nan.

Christmas was great here. Had the family here from interstate to celebrate and we all had a wonderful time. It was lovely to spend time with them. Christmas morning was so special as this is the first year that Mitchell really understood what its all about (well, the Santa part anyway). Also it was Zach and Anna's first christmas. A very special day. Coming into this world 11 weeks early could have really had a very different outcome to what we have and I thank God everyday for two healthy little babies! After a beautiful lunch for all different kinds of cold meat and some yummy salads, christmas afternoon was spent in the pool at the caravan park where my brothers were staying.

Ok, so here are some photos from Christmas day of the kids....

Ashlee was a few of gifts from Santa

Mitchell with a few of his gifts from Santa

Zach & Anna in some outfits they got for christmas. (Well, Zach is in half an outfit - holding hands too :)

Anna first thing in the morning (with bedhead :)

We also had a visit from a good friend of mine that her little boy at 31 weeks on the dot and he came home at 34+5 weeks! Here he is with Zach and Anna at about 5 weeks. (Weighing what Zach and Anna did when we brought them home at 8 weeks old! About 6lb)

So thats what we got up to, hope everyone else had a lovely day.

Today has been a cooking day for Mitchell and myself. We have been having fun! Here is the yummy 'White Choc Chip Cookies' that Mitchell made

I also have been cooking up vegies for Zach and Anna now that they are finally on solids. That really takes the pressure off me and hopefully we will continue to breastfeed for many more months to come! Here we have carrots and carrots & sweetpotato. They both LOVE these :)

The last thing we made is Banana Muffins - YUMMY! A great treat for the kids without feeding them a whole heap of sugar. Healthy.

While I was grocery shopping this morning I found these patty pan cases with little bananas on them - very cute and just what I was making!

Some photos of my 2 beautiful babies enjoying some lunch

And then when we ran out of food in the bowl ...... Anna was not to happy!

Ok, better go. Welcome 2008!