Friday, October 31, 2008

Pay it forward!

I am following Two Pink Possums and am going to join in with Pay It Forward!
I think it's a wonderful idea to spread handmade loveliness

The rules are as follows:

I will make a handmade gift for the
first 3 interested people

to comment on this post and I have
365 days
to do it in.
Even with everything else going
on I think I will be able to achieve that!
You must have a blog to join in
and be willing to do the same for 3 other people!
So go on, JOIN IN!!

LOVE Fridays!

Today is going to be a good day! Even though its windy, its warm and I love warm weather! Mitchell will be at Pre-School from 11am and the Twins will go down soon after. I plan to get into all this house work! Those 3 baskets of washing aren't going to fold themselves (unfortunately!) One last day of peace and quite before the weekend arrives.

Brett is going to a 40th birthday party Saturday night so it will be just me and the kids. Since he won't be here I am hoping to be able to do some sewing! I am really missing it.

Alright, better run. Take care everyone!

God is definitely GREAT!

Mckmama has given birth, Baby Stellan is here! I am totally stunned at the outcome of this saga. After all the problems, the tears, the worries, Stellan will live! He is happy and healthy and even rooming in with his amazing Mummy!

You have to go check out her blog! Read back over the story if you need to, then you will definitely agree. GOD is GREAT!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Formerly - On my desk....On a Wednesday (on thursday night!)

I was going to do a 'On my desk' post but I haven't taken photos and things have been a bit hectic here so there are many things on my desk, most were there last week too! I have no intentions of getting to any of them before the weekend (but of course if I get a spare minute I will!). I need to catch up on the washing (mostly done today but now I have 3 baskets of washing to fold!), get all that put away, change all the sheets, VACUUM! - that is a top priority at the moment, re-organise the sewing room/craft room/study as I took a fair bit stuff with me to Canberra and most of it go dumped in there at 7pm when I arrived home. I also need to make some calls regarding Zach and Anna and sort out some paper work. In between that and the kids I don't think any sewing is going to happen before at least Saturday. I do have some lovely fabrics that i picked up in Canberra to show you and I have managed to sew a few pairs of shorts for Zach and Anna, matching ones at that! So I will get some photos together ASAP. (You are all probably thinking well if you have time to blog why not sew?! - the answer to that is, small house, crappy thin walls, Twins, Mitchell and Brett sleeping. Not really a great combination for the sewing machine.)

I did get a call from Dr Lowe's rooms today and at this stage our appointment with him to discuss Botox and/or Serial Leg Plastering is on January 30th. She is trying to get us in before the end of the year if that is at all possible though and that would great - who really likes waiting for things like this?!

Better run and get some of this washing folded and some lunches made for tomorrow. 11am till about 2pm is going to be heaven! Brett at work, Ashlee at school, Mitchell at Pre-School and Zach and Anna sleeping!

P.S I was also going to catch up on my 'This is' post too but I think I might just leave it and come back next week for that!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are back - With answers!

It has been a long couple of days. Sunday afternoon we drove up to Canberra. Mum and myself ended up staying up to around 2am just chatting. It was the first time since Mitchell was born that we have spent time together and just talked with out a baby around (Zach and Anna were sleeping peacefully!). Up first thing Monday morning (6:16am to be precise - Thank you Zach and Anna) and wondered around like a zombie until I had consumed a morning coffee - this is a rare thing as I ONLY EVER drink tea, white no sugar, unless it is purchased or made at home on our WONDERFUL Sunbeam Espresso machine - Cafe Series of course! (see picture below)

I TOTALLY love this machine and because I spent a few years making beautiful coffees for a living I think I totally make an awesome cup! Anyway totally off topic there so we move on...... Get twins dressed, jump through the shower while my absolutely WONDERFUL mum made them breakfast - its funny how spending a few good days with your mum that you don't see all that often makes you really miss having them around - organise paperwork, nappy bag, tidy up the 'living out of a suitcase' mess and it was off to our appointment with Dr Rosier. Can I just say that this man is totally awesome! He was lovely to talk to and checked both Zach and Anna out thoroughly but most of all he finally gave us some answers.....

Zachary definitely has Cerebral Palsy Diplegia - in the mild form, the most likely course in his case was his premature birth. Even though I kinda knew this was coming it was still a little emotional to hear out of the mouth of a specialist. To say I felt shattered is an understatement. I wanted to cry. Thankfully Dr Rosier was wonderful and explained the long term effects and how we will go ahead with treatment.

Firstly, Zachary will undergo a MRI. This will show the problem areas and give us a better insight things. Our next step and Physio Therapy to try and get his lower limbs more mobile and to try and loosen and lengthen his muscles that are the major cause of the problems at the moment. We have also been referred to Dr Kevin Lowe in Sydney. He is specialist in the use of Botox in CP children and he will get assessed to see if he is a candidate for Botox. Since he is only one of two doctors that specialise in this in Australia it could take a while to get in to see him unfortunately.

Today we have a 1pm appointment with Monaro Early Intervention to work out a treatment plan. This means running Mitchell to Pre-School, rushing back to get the twins down for a sleep so they can get in at least 1 & 1/2 hours before heading off to the appointment. We really don't want two extremely tired babies while we are there.

Anna's assessment went considerably easier. She is on target for corrected age. We had them both weighed and measured. Zachary is 10.55kg and 78cm long. He has an average head of 47.6cm. All with in normal range. Anna is 10.50kg and is also 78cm long. She does how ever 'have a HUGE noggin' as the doctor put it measuring 49.5cm! For her that is off the chart considerably! Extremely smart - YES... hehehe. I was just thinking the other day that her head looked huge! Anna most likely has Exotropia. We have to see a Opthamoloigist to get a few more tests done and see what this means long term for her. Other than that all was well. Thankfully.

I will come back and update you after we get more answers regarding both Zachary and Anna. Other things we did while we were away....

Well mostly shopping. I made the most of being in Canberra and went to the new DFO. I didn't really buy much there just a few small stocking stuffer's from the bookshop (coloured pencils, etc). I also got Ashlee a new pair of shoes as a bit of a surprise. We then headed off to Spotlight to indulge in some of there specials. I picked up some cute and floral material (come back later for piccies!). I need to get a few things made for the kids for Christmas (And something for me of course). With the weather warming up they are all in need of T-shirts, shorts, skirts, etc. Went off to Medicare to claim back (mind you less then half!) some money from our Paed appointment. Had a look around Target and Mum grabbed some new bather for Ashlee as she has school swimming coming up soon.

I also met up with a old friend, Dianne, from high school that I haven't seen since Ashlee was 6 months old! She is married now and has two kids of her own and it was great to see her again. I also caught up with my Auntie Jane that has never meet the twins. It was great to see her again. We also had dinner with my brother Daniel and his wife Melissa. I love catching up with them, we always have a great laugh, and briefly caught a glimpse of brother Matthew who arrived home just before I was about to leave. (He is nearly 30 but still lives with my Mum, doesn't give me much hope ... hahahaha).

Better head off now and get Mitchell to Pre-School, then come home and get into some house work. Coming home from being away seems to make a lot of mess. Mostly it is just yet to be unpacked suitcases etc but last night I was just so zonked I headed to bed with out doing much at all. Today I pay for that! Please pray for my darling boy, that all turns out well. Thank you xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look what just turned up + more backyard loveliness

Just as I pressed 'post' my mail lady arrived with a little package. Something I had forgotten about!

A lovely package containing some sweet fabric from Jojcraft over on Oztion.
(If you ever google your name -Thank you!)

I got some light cotton in: Green Camo, Blue Cowboy Teddies, Pink Cowboy Teddies and 'Poppies on Olive' in a lovely light rayon. Love them!

Isn't it great when lovely things happen like this!

And .... here are a few more shots from my backyard this morning. Snow is such a beautiful thing! (These were as the snow was melting - quite a pretty sight)

And I just thought I would throw this one in because I just love the photo! Enjoy!

On my desk ..... On a Wednesday! AND OMG - 100 POSTS!

Today I have a few things going on.....

There will be time spent finishing these off....

Zach's dungarees. Just need to sew the buttons on and snap up the crutch.

Some pattern cutting of this

Unfortunately I have to do a little of this....

Opening up the under arms a bit on Brett's new (well used and washed once) work overalls before tonight as he will need them to take with him tomorrow to grease his truck.

Probably a little bit of this too

Photo editing - addicted at the moment. Also need to print out a few photos to send off to family

And definitely a little of this

Blogging of course!

Make sure you head over to Kirsty's blog for more on On my desk!

My Boy


This is....

....what we woke up to this morning!

And it is glorious!

This is the first time it has snowed here since we moved here. I got up and went into the kitchen to turn on the jug, while I am doing this I open up the curtains and it was snowing!

Its REALLY cold and I need to drop Mitchell of at Preschool so if the snow doesn't let up it looks like we will be driving.

It looks like no one will be jumping on the trampoline today either!

But I'm loving this! I hope it sticks around a little longer so I can get out and take some more photos!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

This is my very first Menu Plan Monday so bear with pretty pics or recipes. I simply don't have time - sorry, I need to get this posted before it is no longer Monday!!

Monday - Sausage Casserole - Unfortunately this is a packet mix job :( ETA: But was a big hit!

Tuesday - Tacos

Wednesday - Steak, potato, carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower with gravy (My mans fave)

Thursday - Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake

Friday - Pizza! (Its a regular thing)

Saturday - Bits & Pieces - leftovers

Sunday - Going away today (just me and the twins) so dinner is up to Brett! hahaha

That's it for now xx

Busy busy and an idea for Christmas

Today is going to be hectic -

2 loads of clothes to fold and put away
2 loads of nappies to fold and put away
2 loads of towels to fold and put away
2 loads of sheets to - you guessed it! - fold and put away
Dishes to be done
At least 3 loads of washing to be done - and that doesn't include the nappies that need washing
Toys to tidy
Wood to get - because yesterday it was soooo HOT and today it SOOO COLD!
A fire to light
Twins need to go down for a sleep
Dinner to prepare

That's just a few things......
On another topic because housework really isn't exciting me right now....

I found a new blog - well new to me - and I just love it! Thank you to Belinda over at Renovate + Decorate (and also Mini Meez!) for putting me onto it!

Little Brown Pen - loving this blog!

On here I found a fab idea for a Christmas pressie for those that require a pressie but are not close so you won't put a lot of thought into it - do you know what I mean? I hope so, hope that didn't come out all wrong...

Check this out!

Flower Washcloth, Scraps and Things
Fresh Baked Bread Soap, Sun Basil Garden
(These are just examples)

Simple and easy. I'll be knitting up the washcloths myself and if I have time I will make the soap. Otherwise I'll head down to a little local store I know and buy some delicious little ones!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wanna win this......??

Check out The Sew Sweet Giveaway at There are two options. One is for the Fashionista Giveaway & the other is the Quilters Delight! Both are over $1000 in value. So exciting!! Hope I win - please!

Here is another giveaway but you will need to get in quick!

My Inspired Heart is giving away one absolutely stunning bag! What a crafty lady!


And if you love blog giveaways check out what I just googled upon! An entire blog dedicated to Blog Giveaways! Blog Giveaways on Blogger!

This is.....My favourite Film

Currently ......

Juno was a film that really hit home for me. As many of you may know I had my first daughter at 15 years old. Even though I made the decision to keep my daughter - for me there was no other option - this film really did have quite a parallel to my life. School was hard, I was on my own, my parents (eventually - if you are a parent you could image what it was like for my mum!) were supportive. I never did give any thought to the adoption process but can totally understand why a lot of young parents do.

Thank you to Hokey for this weeks theme and make sure you check out our host - Angela is a totally crafty lady - thanks for hosting!

Love Fridays!

Like my new template?! I love it! Thank you Allie!

I hope Allie doesn't mind but I had to make one small adjustment to it in Photoshop (just viewed it on another screen and may need to make one more slight change) as it wasn't full screen and even after following her instructions I still couldn't get it to work! (Allie please let me know if this is not ok). I will give total credit for this layout to Allie as it is all her work. Go check her blog out, she has HEAPS of stunning back grounds and they are all free!

Still playing around with the blog design today so don't be alarmed if you have arrived here and it looks a little weird ... hahaha.

Also HELP NEEDED!! I can not for the life of me get my Post titles any bigger. I have tried to play around with a few different things, it begins to load bigger then it just goes small again. Is anyone out there able to help me?? Or do you know someone that may be able to help me?? I want my post titles bigger! PLEASE PLEASE HELP! ----- OK SCRAP THAT, I WORKED IT OUT!

Come back soon for This is.......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On my desk.... + yummy's

Currently I am working on Zachary's dungarees - see the buttons? They are little cowboy boots, love em'! Also on my desk this week is some knitting. I'm not sure exactly what it is going to be yet, I'm just happy to be finally knitting!!

Head on over to Kootoyoo for more desk this week.....and thanks to this crafty lady for hosting!
Wanna see what Mitchell and I did after Pre-school today?! We made a super YUMMY cake which we later turn in even yummier lamingtons!

Other yumminess around here today arrived in my mailbox! Thank you Funky Fabrics for getting this lovely fabric to me so fast!

I also couldn't resist buying a little Pink Fig in the shape of the Olivia Top!

A few blogs that I am loving at the moment:

Three Buttons
Curly Pops
Whip Up

Monday, October 13, 2008

Talk about a heart attack!

I received some photos via email from the office lady (for want of a better word) at Brett's work. I nearly had a heart attack! Come on I'm only 26! I was straight onto the phone to call Brett and make sure he was OK......

You see what I mean?? Brett drives a log truck (for those that don't know) and one of my biggest fears is the above happening to him. Well gladly it wasn't Brett's truck but he will be home early due the road now being closed. We are lucky :)

Oh and the driver of this truck (one of Brett's work mates) was super lucky too! He is unharmed. But definitely needs new underwear!

One more for Luck

Three post in one morning - I'm on a roll!

I finally got my dungarees sewn up - still need to put the snaps on the crotch and sewn on the buttons. On my to do list once (I've showered) the twins go down for a sleep. So I'll give you a bit of a look at my little creation...

The covered buttons I will be sewing on today. I'm going to have to go to spotlight and see if I can find a kit to buy. The ones I got from the Op Shop are pretty old so I'm not sure if they still make them - surely they do.

These are next up. Sitting patiently waiting to sewn into life....

And then its onto some t-shirts and shorts for summer before the kids grow out of all of their clothes! The weather has really warmed up lately!

Alright, I'm little ones have been neglected enough....hehe. Time to g and play! Come back soon for Not Me Monday!

My very first Tag(s)

I'm tagged!! Twice!

Thank you to Melissa and my lovely daughter Ashlee for my very first tags.

Now onto business...

The rules are simple:
  • Link to the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Write Six Random Things about yourself.
  • Tag six-or-so other people at the bottom of the post.
  • Leave comments on their blogs, letting them know they've been tagged!
  • Let the person who tagged you know when you've written the post.
My six random things:

1. I HATE mornings! I hate having to get up at the crack of dawn! The only thing that makes it bearable is that I'm getting up with my super cute little ones.

2. I usually don't get dressed until the twins go down for a sleep at 11am (is that terrible?). This when I shower etc.) Unless of course someone is coming over or we have to go out. So if you choose to come over unannounced on any given day you will get to see my lovely PJ's!

3. I have a 'way' to hang my washing and really can't stand people helping me as they never do it 'my way'! I then have to go and fix it.

4. I want to knit. Every time I have tried it has been a flunk (until of course Saturday night when I finally aced it it!)

5. I REALLY want more children but I'm not allowed :( Brett was happy with just the two children then we were blessed with double trouble.

6. I had my first daughter, my pride and joy, at the tender age of 15.

I hope that is random enough for you as that is all I could think of at 10am (still in my PJ's).

Now who will I tag.....

The lovely and inspiring CurlyPops!
Also Kootoyoo too!
Then I'm going to tag Ingrid over at Lottielulu
Fallen from Grace as well because I read her blog regularly
A twin mummy and super crafter Retromummy
And last but not least MissyMuh - love her blog!

So consider yourself tagged ladies!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is.......My current reading material + Its my very FIRST!

My reading time is pretty hard to come by at the moment and most of the time the only reading that I get to do is keeping up with my blog reading. I just love all you guys so much (and those are just a few) that I just have to make time!

Thank you to My Champagne Dreams for this weeks theme and thanks to Angela at Three Buttons for hosting This Is.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cleaning up

Today was quite productive. I finally got into the Craft Room/Office and did a BIG tidy up. Brett finally moved a cupboard in there for me to store all my stuff in and you would not believe how much of a difference it has made! I now can get to all my supplies easily and my craft desk is cleaned off and ready to use. I now have no excuse not to finish my sewing projects, the first one being to sew up Anna's dungarees and then cut out Zach's and get them sewed up. I also now have in my hot little hand my patterns that Mum picked up for me while in Bairnsdale. One pattern for tops for me and one pattern that has unisex t-shirt, pants and shorts. They are next on the list.

Headed into Bombala this morning and went to the fabric store. I had to go while Mum was here as the stores in Bombala are VERY NON-BABY FRIENDLY let alone twin pram friendly. We had enough trouble getting two single strollers up the steps and into the store, I can only imagine the trouble I would have had with the twin pram. I picked up some cotton interlock in green and salmon (I guess you would call it) for the t-shirts for the kids and some elastic and buttons for other things I am making. I really should have cleaned up the room BEFORE going as when I did I found that I had an abundance of elastic already! Oh well, I'll use it I guess. Even though I did pick up some buttons I have decided to use the 'Make your own button kit' that I scored at the Op shop and cover them with some matching fabric. Excited!

Ok, pictures to come. I better head off and get this house vacuumed so I can get onto my sewing. Brett is currently down at his Dad's farm killing sheep. Looks like I will need to make room in the freezer. Have a great day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

LOVE Fridays!

Ashlee has been in Victoria competing in the Victorian Regional Athletics. She did pretty well but hurt her knee after falling during the hurdles. Well there is always next year. She has enjoyed the trip though and got to visit her friends at her old school.

Last night I cut out my fabric to make the Short Dungarees for Anna with the pattern I talked about here. I've made them pink with colourful stripy contrast that I cut from an old skirt that I loved but was never going to fit me. Today once the little ones are in bed I need to tidy up my craft room/office so I can pull out my machine and get in sewn together. Should only take a little while. I have Mum on a mission getting me some patterns from Spotlight while she is passing through Bairnsdale and I have just ordered some Divine fabric like this and this and The Olivia Top Pattern from Pink Fig over at Funky Fabrix. I'm excited! Not much else going on. I hope to have some photos for you soon.

Love Fridays! I really do. It means tomorrow Brett will be home! For the whole weekend! I love our new life here.....gotta run. Children call and sleeptime awaits xx

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whats in a title...(pic heavy)

Thursday 2nd Oct: This day was our travelling day. And boy did we travel! (I'm still paying for it, the lack of sleep that I still haven't caught up on!) We left home at 5:37am which was a feat in itself! Drove to Victoria, stopping by our house down in Bairnsdale. Our appointment was at 10:50am in Sale. Got in on time, only to spend 5 minutes with the Dr and be told to come back in December! Boy was I rope able!!!!!! 4.5 hours for literally 5 minutes!!! We were back in the car by 11:07am! Not happy. I'm getting a second opinion when we see Dr Rosier on the 27th though. I'm really not happy with the Dr in Sale and I'm not happy with her eyes either.

We dropped in a couple of Friends on the way home and finally set foot back in the house at about 10:30pm that night. Long day for nothing! Zach and Anna were great though. Only have a little whinge over some numb bums :) Mitch was also super - thank God for DVD players in the car hey!

Saturday 4th Oct: Brett, Mitch, Zach, Anna and myself went to Bega for the Annual Convoy for Kids Family Day and Truck Show (Brett's love but I don't mind). It was cold and wet and the trucks horns really scared Anna to the point of screaming but once we calmed her down and consumed a lovely White Chocolate Mocha at Gloria Jeans it was off to the show ground to check these babies out.

Mitch LOVED it! Well, really can you blame him?! A four year old with surrounded by big, shiny Kenworths! Brett enjoyed it too... hehe.

Not just new trucks either. I loved this one!

And take a look at the blinker!

He thought this photo was sooo funny!

These are two of my favourite photos of the day. Courtesy of me!

We also spent some time on the rides - of course!

I was also lucky enough to receive some hand picked flowers from Mitch the other day. Telling me 'Mummy your beautiful, I love you!' - so sweet. Geez I love him!

Today: Went to the Op Shop to drop off some things and as usual came home with more stuff. Pretty happy with my score though. I have been looking for a pattern for dungarees that didn't cost the earth and I actually found for 20 cents! It is vintage and super cute!

This book has a few excellent patterns in it too, and it was only $1! . Definitely going to try them out soon.

Mitch then spent the rest of the day playing with 2nd cousins (I think) over at his Great Auntie Alma's

I have scored this pattern from Oztion. At only a couple of dollars it will come in handy for some clothes this summer.

Stay tuned, I have more after the little ones are in bed....