Friday, October 17, 2008

Love Fridays!

Like my new template?! I love it! Thank you Allie!

I hope Allie doesn't mind but I had to make one small adjustment to it in Photoshop (just viewed it on another screen and may need to make one more slight change) as it wasn't full screen and even after following her instructions I still couldn't get it to work! (Allie please let me know if this is not ok). I will give total credit for this layout to Allie as it is all her work. Go check her blog out, she has HEAPS of stunning back grounds and they are all free!

Still playing around with the blog design today so don't be alarmed if you have arrived here and it looks a little weird ... hahaha.

Also HELP NEEDED!! I can not for the life of me get my Post titles any bigger. I have tried to play around with a few different things, it begins to load bigger then it just goes small again. Is anyone out there able to help me?? Or do you know someone that may be able to help me?? I want my post titles bigger! PLEASE PLEASE HELP! ----- OK SCRAP THAT, I WORKED IT OUT!

Come back soon for This is.......

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