Monday, October 13, 2008

Talk about a heart attack!

I received some photos via email from the office lady (for want of a better word) at Brett's work. I nearly had a heart attack! Come on I'm only 26! I was straight onto the phone to call Brett and make sure he was OK......

You see what I mean?? Brett drives a log truck (for those that don't know) and one of my biggest fears is the above happening to him. Well gladly it wasn't Brett's truck but he will be home early due the road now being closed. We are lucky :)

Oh and the driver of this truck (one of Brett's work mates) was super lucky too! He is unharmed. But definitely needs new underwear!

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Kylie said...

oops sorry - trying to comment on too many blogs at the same time - LOL

My heart would just sink if I was sent those photos - hugs to you all and glad that no one was hurt.

Sarah-Jo said...

Hi Naomi :)

followed your link from your post on kootoyoo's blog hope you dont mind

Loving your blog its fabulous!

your kids are gorgeous and I must say i could have written your "about me" snippet except I only have the two kidlets
love cloth, love bfing,love sewing

anyway I just wanted to say hi oh and one more thing how did you get the % thing in your side bar to monitor how your projects are going?Ive been trying to add that to my blog for ages with no luck

ok thanks again


Brindlegirl said...

How frightening that would of been for you.

I couldn't imagine sending a loved one off for work and always having that fear in the back of your mind...

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