Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's love....

Hello World! Just a short post as the wee ones are heading my way - I think they have sussed me in office...

I have totally and utterly fallen head over heels for Wise Craft and All buttoned up !. Wow this lady can sew! Just take a look at this and this! That last one is such a great idea, the concept I'm considering using on a few old t-shirts to spice them up abit. And I'm sure Brett will part with some of his old t-shirts that he hasn't worn in like - 6 years! And just her photos make me wanna sit down and read for hours! Like I don't have enough blogs I read...hahaha. They are both truely inspiring to me and have some lovely ideas.

Another site I found recently and wanted to share is Cut Out + Keep . Just an abundence of wonderful ideas and patterns. You really have to check it out. Alot of it is ideas for re-fashioning your wardrobe and making things. I spent at least an hour on it last night. Those jeans and Brett's work pants that I have been meaning to take up may just get done now that I found a few hints on this site!


On another note - Mitchell and myself made doughnuts today!! They totally flunk in the visual sense but taste great. I learned a few things while cooking these ones and I'm sure the next batch (when I buy more flour - I've run out!) will be even better.

But the cooking will have to wait until we return. Tomorrow we are back off to the lovely Victoria. Sale infact. Anna has her dreaded eye appointment at 10:50am tomorrow so we will be on the road at about 5am! Its about a 4 1/2 hour drive plus a stop for the kiddes on the way. Probably about Cann River. Ashlee is in Canberra with Nanny so its just the 5 of us and Ashlee doesn't have to be on her own in the 'boot' - hehe (We have an 8 seater Prado).

Ok, spotted - better run. Wish us luck! I'm not looking forward to what the Dr has to say :(

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