Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh the sweetness...

I am amazed everyday at the progress Zach is making. Even with his delays he is still a very determined boy and I will often find him doing things he couldn't do yesterday.

The other day while I was in making the beds in the morning I hear a very loud bang, crash, bang coming from the loungeroom. I headed out there but couldn't hear any crying. I was started to wonder what had happened..... this is what I found when I walked into the loungeroom....

He spotted me with the camera ....

And was sooo very proud of himself. This kid can't sit, he can't crawl and most definately can't walk and he has pulled him self up onto the toy box! I'm going to have to keep an eye him!

But how cute is this little bottom and toes ??!!

And don't my boys (I love saying that!) look like just the perfect pair!

And we can't forget the cheeky but always beautiful Miss Anna (who decided it was a good idea to take her nappy off in the cot before her midday sleep! Thankfully but strangely her nappy AND her cot was completely dry!)


Here is the ever stunning Ashlee, in her school uniform. Don't you just love the colours?! L-o-v-e-l-y ..... hehe. Know really its not to bad. What is a school uniform really anyway, just some clothes to make everyone look the same. I prefer it at school.


And my little BIG boy....Mitchell - love ya gorgeous!

Again it took me a day or two to complete this post so I'm leaving it here for now.....

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Melissa Jane Searle said...

So cute, glad to see him getting up on things by himself! hehe :-) Anna is just too sweet! And mitch is getting so big as well.. At least he's not shy around me anymore... Hehe :-)That tickles me pink!
What day are you coming up to Canberra by the way? Are you going to pop in here? Your mum was saying something about having dinner or something? I cant remember.... Do you know anything?

Melissa Jane Searle said...

I agree! I just love thrift stores! We went the other day, and i got a couple of cute things for my website. :-) And to sell on ebay. Hehe Fun fun.
Looks like you definately scored some good bargains! You must post when you have made the things you are going to make. :-)

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