Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today we discuss....

the effects of gravity and also the effects of a trampoline on two 15 month babies! (More on that in a minute)

I know, I know I've been a very bad
ings have been a bit hectic here lately and there has been a lot of running around. We will start with the oldest...


{Ashlee} - Currently on a mini holiday with my brother and his wife, Mel. They have gone to the back of whoop whoop to pick up a puppy. The drive was about 6 hours from Canberra. I'm sure she is having a great time. She has some what recovered from a little incident involving school, a mini tramp and a badly twisted ankle that in the beginning we thought was broken {ahhhh}, considering she has regional athletics next month! She had crutches for a week and still limps around but thankfully it is not broken. Ashlee LOVES her new school in Bombala and when I brought up the subject of ever moving back to Bairnsdale she was horrified! Quite funny considering she never wanted to leave in the first place.

{Mitchell} - Growing into a wise and witty young boy. Tries to be very helpful and loves his brother and sisters to death! New shoes are his highlight at the moment and he spends his days bouncing on his trampoline and playing in the dirt with his trucks. He is such a typical boy!

{Zachary} - Plenty of new things going on with him. We have had a (tentative) diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy for him. Horrifying to begin with but after seeing specialists and discussing his long term health it is really not such a big deal. Thankfully it is quite a mild case but it does explain a lot when it comes to his development. You can read more about what exactly CP is here. His treatment at this point will involve Physio and Physical Therapy (in the warmer months we have the option of a hydro therapy pool). Having said all that, his development is slow but this last week his started to pull himself up on furniture to a kneeling position and recently to a standing position (although he does find this difficult). His main areas of concern at the moment are sitting and crawling. Sitting being on the very top of the list. He recently has recovered from a chest infection that saw him living on Panadol and Antibiotics but thankfully that has passed now. He is extremely chatty and will hold a wonderful conversation, now if only I could understand what he was saying! Next Physical Therapy appointment in Cooma is next Thursday and the next Paed appointment is October 27th with our new Paed in Canberra Dr Roser.

Now Zach is boy that will NEVER sleep ANYWHERE but his own cot - at the height of his illness we would find him sleeping in the middle of the lounge room floor! Now that's sick!


{Anna} - What can we say about little Miss Anna. She is the cheekiest little show-off! She crawls around and cruises the furniture. Just last night she decided she was ready to LET GO! Standing there looking around at all of us with a cheeky 'look at me!' grin. She then proceeded to do it again and again. I was able to get some photos on the phone, will hopefully be able to get them off and up loaded before I post this. She chats away and says a lot of understandable words, which is helpful. Both have FINALLY begun to sleep through the night after discovering Anna is really Lactose intolerant. No more waking up at 2am with pains in the belly or diarrhoea! We have changed her to Soy milk and it is working wonders. Next appointment is on October 2nd in Sale, Victoria! This is our Paediatric Opthamologist's appointment. Then we also have our appointment with the lovely Dr Roser on October 27th.

{ My 'lil girl standing tall! }

I guess I should really update you about ...

{Brett & me} - No, no. No exciting news or anything. We ar
e both well. Cruising along and very happy in our new abode here in lovely Delegate. Brett has fallen into a routine of 7:30pm bedtime ready for his 2am wake time. The first few weeks were a little hard on him as the twins settled into their home and were a little unsettled at night making it hard for Brett to get enough sleep but we are over that now. Although I don't think waking up at 2am to start work is much fun! I'm great. Loving it here, meeting new people and staying in contact with old friends too.
Now on to our 'discussion' Well not really. More like come and look at these photos!

Firstly the effects of gravity...on a 4 year old boy with a (rather heavy) back pack on his back and a set of stairs (outside). This is the result of our experiment. (This photo is two days later, I wish I had taken a photo at the time. The egg on his head was huge!! Also notice the nose...)

Ok, so the photo doesn't really show it but it is rather bruised, poor little man.

I tell you, in the beginning I didn't have a clue what had happened but after a few quite deductions I worked out (and was later confirmed by Mitch) that he had over balanced on the top step of the stairs leading down from our back deck (about a metre high) and fallen face first onto the pavers below. (Just as we were about to head to playgroup, which we never made it to).

Secondly, the rather hilarious effects of a trampoline on two 15 month olds!
Just take a look at these photos and you will see what I mean....

{ Static electricity is a funny thing }

{And Mitch enjoying the 'sunshine' }

Now it has only taken me TWO DAYS to write this post and now I will leave it there or it will forever remain a draft, and we don't want that. See you all again soon! xx

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