Monday, September 1, 2008

Yes I am alive!

Hello to everyone again!

As the title suggests I am a live just very very busy! Ok, first things first....

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to my beautiful Mum and my wonderful sister-in-law Melissa for their help packing and sorting as we prepared to move. Honestly without them I would probably still be back in bairnsdale trying to get my act together ... lol! So...

Mum and Melissa

You help was HUGELY appreciated!

We have now been here in Delegate for 2 weeks. Can you believe it?! Time really flies. I haven't got nearly as much unpacking done that I would have liked but with everyone sick including another hospital visit for Anna recently (more on that in a minute) I have spent most of my time carrying babies, wiping noses and changing awful nappies! (Also the reason I fail to blog as much as I would like) I tell you its times like these that wish I was using disposables - I have stuck to my guns though and kept with my yummy soft MCN's. I know I would miss them ... lol! Now Anna's hospital visit. Nothing to major, after having a little cold for a few days she started having some trouble breathing and coughing a lot. From our previous experiences I erred on the safe side and headed off to the 'local' hospital (30 minutes away)

So I'll try again to get this post finished and published. I'm being super lazy to and some of this is a cut and paste job from an email I sent recently --- shhhhh!

The kids are fine, Anna is recovering. She required some Ventolin through the Neb and is back on Predmix (a steroid) to help here lungs recover. They have also upped her Ventolin to 6 puffs 4 times a day (from 2 puffs twice a day) and put her back on Flixotide (a 'preventer' - at least it is meant to 'prevent') twice a day to see if that helps until the weather warms up again. Apart from that she is quite happy, although she hates her meds! We are still getting the run around for Zach unfortunately. The local Paediatric OT has recently quit I just found out and 7 phone calls later I finally got in touch with one in Queanbeyan but she was at lunch - that would be right! - so I'm waiting for her to call me back. I'm actually quite a bit worried about him. Although he is bright and happy enough the problems with his legs are not good. There are a few things that could be the problem but I would have to go in depth to explain them so I will leave that for now. Just pray for him, hopefully we can sort it out soon. We will be seeing the Paediatrician in October so if he isn't improving by then then we can take it to the next level. Anna will also need to see a new Opthamoligist regarding her eye/s too. Oh boy, it never ends.

Thankfully Mitchell is well. Brett put up his trampoline
over the weekend and he loves it. He is loving the country lifestyle and we will start back at a playgroup hopefully this week or next. I think he misses playing with the other kids. Ashlee is LOVING Bombala Primary School like you would not believe!! Yes it certainly is a HUGE change from the girl that didn't want to leave Bairnsdale. Today they had a teachers strike until 11am and she was VERY disappointed that she couldn't go to school this morning. Quite funny really. I finally got her uniform order today so she will be able to wear that now.

I'm just going to post this now and come back later wit
h up dates. We had an appointment today with the health nurse showing maybe another problem with Zachary {cry} but I'll go into that later. Please pray for little babies. They have been through so much and really just need a break!

I'll leave you with some photos (that I think we are n
ow revisiting) to brighten your day!

My!! haven't they all grown so much!

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