Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just to confuse everyone

I have decided to change the name of my blog .... sorry Mel!

I am having a little dabble in Digital Scrapbook designing and I going to start up a new blog for that that will include links to freebies etc but I would like them both to have a similar name and I have come up with one that I like. Not giving it away now but watch out in the next few days! There will be a bit of a change. I don't think you will have to change any links you have or anything so hopefully it won't be any effort for you.


Today we (being me and Mitchell) decided to do some cooking and cook we did! Had an absolute blast but still trying to clean up after it ... haha. We cooked a yummy Vanilla cake with White Chocolate Frosting and yummy vanilla cream in the middle (sprinkled with Cocoa of course!). Next up was some Double Choc Chip Cookies and some Plain Choc Chip Cookies. Do you know that out of the 20 cookies we baked there are only 5 left!! The culprit will surface I'm sure when they start to feel ill. Thankfully I was able to devour the second peice of the YUMMY cake - yes the second! I'm shocked to, usually I'm left the crumbs!
What else, ahh yes. We made some super duper yummy sausage rolls too! SOOO much nicer than any store brought ones too. The kids devoured them for dinner, well not all of them but most of them. There are some left over to pack as lunches tomorrow. I was totally shocked that Zach, my Mister Fussy won't eat anything little boy, could eat an entire one fast enough! He loved them! I know what I will be making more of again soon. Anna was not so keen but she hasn't been keen on much food all day so I think she might be feeling a little off.

We have plans tomorrow to do some more baking and I really need to crack down and get some new nappies cut out ready to sew up. These two little ones are not so little anymore and are growing out of all thier medium sizes. Thankfully I have a lot of AbbyGro One Size so I'm safe there. I'm really looking forward to getting back into my sewing now that things have settles down after the move! Righty, better head off and finish cleaning up. Hopefully get some photos up of cooking adventures tomorrow.


Lastly sending out some Hugs and Kisses to Mum, don't work to hard ok! Make sure you have some time for yourself. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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