Thursday, October 30, 2008

Formerly - On my desk....On a Wednesday (on thursday night!)

I was going to do a 'On my desk' post but I haven't taken photos and things have been a bit hectic here so there are many things on my desk, most were there last week too! I have no intentions of getting to any of them before the weekend (but of course if I get a spare minute I will!). I need to catch up on the washing (mostly done today but now I have 3 baskets of washing to fold!), get all that put away, change all the sheets, VACUUM! - that is a top priority at the moment, re-organise the sewing room/craft room/study as I took a fair bit stuff with me to Canberra and most of it go dumped in there at 7pm when I arrived home. I also need to make some calls regarding Zach and Anna and sort out some paper work. In between that and the kids I don't think any sewing is going to happen before at least Saturday. I do have some lovely fabrics that i picked up in Canberra to show you and I have managed to sew a few pairs of shorts for Zach and Anna, matching ones at that! So I will get some photos together ASAP. (You are all probably thinking well if you have time to blog why not sew?! - the answer to that is, small house, crappy thin walls, Twins, Mitchell and Brett sleeping. Not really a great combination for the sewing machine.)

I did get a call from Dr Lowe's rooms today and at this stage our appointment with him to discuss Botox and/or Serial Leg Plastering is on January 30th. She is trying to get us in before the end of the year if that is at all possible though and that would great - who really likes waiting for things like this?!

Better run and get some of this washing folded and some lunches made for tomorrow. 11am till about 2pm is going to be heaven! Brett at work, Ashlee at school, Mitchell at Pre-School and Zach and Anna sleeping!

P.S I was also going to catch up on my 'This is' post too but I think I might just leave it and come back next week for that!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Naomi SO GLAD you are joining in with the Pay It Forward fun, I will be in touch in a while and get your address, or you can give it to me now if you like but I daresay I probably won't get my gifts made until after xmas!!!

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