Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cleaning up

Today was quite productive. I finally got into the Craft Room/Office and did a BIG tidy up. Brett finally moved a cupboard in there for me to store all my stuff in and you would not believe how much of a difference it has made! I now can get to all my supplies easily and my craft desk is cleaned off and ready to use. I now have no excuse not to finish my sewing projects, the first one being to sew up Anna's dungarees and then cut out Zach's and get them sewed up. I also now have in my hot little hand my patterns that Mum picked up for me while in Bairnsdale. One pattern for tops for me and one pattern that has unisex t-shirt, pants and shorts. They are next on the list.

Headed into Bombala this morning and went to the fabric store. I had to go while Mum was here as the stores in Bombala are VERY NON-BABY FRIENDLY let alone twin pram friendly. We had enough trouble getting two single strollers up the steps and into the store, I can only imagine the trouble I would have had with the twin pram. I picked up some cotton interlock in green and salmon (I guess you would call it) for the t-shirts for the kids and some elastic and buttons for other things I am making. I really should have cleaned up the room BEFORE going as when I did I found that I had an abundance of elastic already! Oh well, I'll use it I guess. Even though I did pick up some buttons I have decided to use the 'Make your own button kit' that I scored at the Op shop and cover them with some matching fabric. Excited!

Ok, pictures to come. I better head off and get this house vacuumed so I can get onto my sewing. Brett is currently down at his Dad's farm killing sheep. Looks like I will need to make room in the freezer. Have a great day!

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Hey Mum,
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