Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy busy and an idea for Christmas

Today is going to be hectic -

2 loads of clothes to fold and put away
2 loads of nappies to fold and put away
2 loads of towels to fold and put away
2 loads of sheets to - you guessed it! - fold and put away
Dishes to be done
At least 3 loads of washing to be done - and that doesn't include the nappies that need washing
Toys to tidy
Wood to get - because yesterday it was soooo HOT and today it SOOO COLD!
A fire to light
Twins need to go down for a sleep
Dinner to prepare

That's just a few things......
On another topic because housework really isn't exciting me right now....

I found a new blog - well new to me - and I just love it! Thank you to Belinda over at Renovate + Decorate (and also Mini Meez!) for putting me onto it!

Little Brown Pen - loving this blog!

On here I found a fab idea for a Christmas pressie for those that require a pressie but are not close so you won't put a lot of thought into it - do you know what I mean? I hope so, hope that didn't come out all wrong...

Check this out!

Flower Washcloth, Scraps and Things
Fresh Baked Bread Soap, Sun Basil Garden
(These are just examples)

Simple and easy. I'll be knitting up the washcloths myself and if I have time I will make the soap. Otherwise I'll head down to a little local store I know and buy some delicious little ones!

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