Thursday, October 9, 2008

Whats in a title...(pic heavy)

Thursday 2nd Oct: This day was our travelling day. And boy did we travel! (I'm still paying for it, the lack of sleep that I still haven't caught up on!) We left home at 5:37am which was a feat in itself! Drove to Victoria, stopping by our house down in Bairnsdale. Our appointment was at 10:50am in Sale. Got in on time, only to spend 5 minutes with the Dr and be told to come back in December! Boy was I rope able!!!!!! 4.5 hours for literally 5 minutes!!! We were back in the car by 11:07am! Not happy. I'm getting a second opinion when we see Dr Rosier on the 27th though. I'm really not happy with the Dr in Sale and I'm not happy with her eyes either.

We dropped in a couple of Friends on the way home and finally set foot back in the house at about 10:30pm that night. Long day for nothing! Zach and Anna were great though. Only have a little whinge over some numb bums :) Mitch was also super - thank God for DVD players in the car hey!

Saturday 4th Oct: Brett, Mitch, Zach, Anna and myself went to Bega for the Annual Convoy for Kids Family Day and Truck Show (Brett's love but I don't mind). It was cold and wet and the trucks horns really scared Anna to the point of screaming but once we calmed her down and consumed a lovely White Chocolate Mocha at Gloria Jeans it was off to the show ground to check these babies out.

Mitch LOVED it! Well, really can you blame him?! A four year old with surrounded by big, shiny Kenworths! Brett enjoyed it too... hehe.

Not just new trucks either. I loved this one!

And take a look at the blinker!

He thought this photo was sooo funny!

These are two of my favourite photos of the day. Courtesy of me!

We also spent some time on the rides - of course!

I was also lucky enough to receive some hand picked flowers from Mitch the other day. Telling me 'Mummy your beautiful, I love you!' - so sweet. Geez I love him!

Today: Went to the Op Shop to drop off some things and as usual came home with more stuff. Pretty happy with my score though. I have been looking for a pattern for dungarees that didn't cost the earth and I actually found for 20 cents! It is vintage and super cute!

This book has a few excellent patterns in it too, and it was only $1! . Definitely going to try them out soon.

Mitch then spent the rest of the day playing with 2nd cousins (I think) over at his Great Auntie Alma's

I have scored this pattern from Oztion. At only a couple of dollars it will come in handy for some clothes this summer.

Stay tuned, I have more after the little ones are in bed....

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