Friday, October 31, 2008

Pay it forward!

I am following Two Pink Possums and am going to join in with Pay It Forward!
I think it's a wonderful idea to spread handmade loveliness

The rules are as follows:

I will make a handmade gift for the
first 3 interested people

to comment on this post and I have
365 days
to do it in.
Even with everything else going
on I think I will be able to achieve that!
You must have a blog to join in
and be willing to do the same for 3 other people!
So go on, JOIN IN!!

2 yummy comments!:

Cherie said...

yeah i will put my hand up! sothe things i make- does it have to be something sewn? just as yet i havent tee'd myself up with MIL to teach me- so i might do something else instead...

also- how do i then add the "pay it forward" blinkie thingy into my blog? lol im still very new to it all!

Melissa Searle said...

Hey, :)
YEp! Sure why not? Count me in. Haha :-) I'll be in it for sure! Now what do i do? Haha

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