Monday, October 13, 2008

One more for Luck

Three post in one morning - I'm on a roll!

I finally got my dungarees sewn up - still need to put the snaps on the crotch and sewn on the buttons. On my to do list once (I've showered) the twins go down for a sleep. So I'll give you a bit of a look at my little creation...

The covered buttons I will be sewing on today. I'm going to have to go to spotlight and see if I can find a kit to buy. The ones I got from the Op Shop are pretty old so I'm not sure if they still make them - surely they do.

These are next up. Sitting patiently waiting to sewn into life....

And then its onto some t-shirts and shorts for summer before the kids grow out of all of their clothes! The weather has really warmed up lately!

Alright, I'm little ones have been neglected enough....hehe. Time to g and play! Come back soon for Not Me Monday!

2 yummy comments!:

Cherie said...

wow Naomi! they are just too cute for words!
i would really love to learn to sew- how long have you been sewing for?
i think im going to have to pay MIL a visit - see if she can show me some basics-
great job!

Cherie said...

hope you dont mind- have just put a link to this post in one of mine-

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