Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just another Update

A few things to share, where do I start??

I have decided to start knitting.....yes, knitting!! I used to hate knitted things but I'm really growing to love them. I am starting with a really easy pattern for a nappy soaker for Miss Anna. Its just finding the time to start it!

I wanted to turn this.....

Into this....

Once I get this one done I'll knit a blue version (without the frill) for Master Zachary.

I'm still in nappy making mode although I haven't had time to get much done! Here is one that I'm nearly finished. I just have to put the snaps on and sew it up.

It is a pocket nappy. I have really grown to love pockets, I find them a lot more user friendly. I have a few AIO's & fitted's but I keep coming back to the pockets. They dry quicker, don't need covers, can be stuffed with almost anything and are really easy to sew!

A quick photo of the Santa Sacks that my mum made the kids. I really love them, and the kids thought they were great too!

Thats all for tonight I think, hopefully some more interesting news to share next time. Till than, take care.

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