Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where is my witty title? - VERY photo heavy!

Well, what has been going on here lately??

Not to much apart from everyday life - busy busy! I don't seem to have much time to get on here and blog - as much as I want to! The days seem to be flying by even with daylight saving. By the time I get everything done around the house its time to head to bed it feels like!

I have had a few minutes here and there which has been spent reading mostly. Organising a few last minute handmade gifts and organising some Christmas food ideas. Today I have spent a bit of time with this.....

Although I don't usually buy this magazine, this issue had some super yummy recipes in it for Christmas. I have found myself spending a bit of time hovering around this page

Looks like Christmas dinner might have some delicious dessert!

But I'm really keen on this too!

I thought this idea was cute...

Might even try it! I certainly have plenty of baby socks hanging around here!

I have been loving the 'practical uses' in this book (and have been using a lot of them too!)

Cleaned the microwave with a simple wipe after boiling up vinegar, water and bi-carb for a few minutes. Adding vinegar to my rinse cycle in the washing machine to cut down lint and even smells. I especially love using vinegar with my MCN's now. No more lingering 'smells' that make you think somethings gone on down there when it really hasn't.

Yesterday I had a lovely prize arrive in my mail box. A sweet smelling package from the lovely Angelique from No life without Wife! When I entered this giveaway I never thought I would win anything (I never win anything). Well I in fact came second, and only through luck as even having a second prize winner was never mentioned.

Take a look a this lovely fabric and some absolutely beautiful smelling soap! You could smell it before you even opened the package! Devine!

THANK YOU Angelique! The package has arrived and it is loved!

Lately I have been spending some time in my garden with my camera, I am loving spring. This is our first spring here and I can't get over how this garden comes alive in spring!

The beautiful flowers that adorn our carport - complete with little bees!

The gorgeous pink flowers that are growing in a corner by the pond - which is now full thanks to Mitchell and the hose today!

We have heaps of rose bushes around , all producing lots of lovely flowers...

We have an old shoe cleaner by our back steps and I thought this would make a lovely 'antique' photo. (Thanks to Coffee Shop Photography Free Actions and Tutorials!)

Just enjoying the sweet clear sky and.....

...the beautiful view from our back deck.

I have also been loving the water shots over at Sarcastic Mom. I thought I would try some out myself.
Lots of fun!

We also took a little trip down to see 'Pop' at the farm. I did get some lovely shots while there. Loving the blue sky! It was a beautiful warm sunny day!

See for yourself! When I say warm - I mean warm!

Mitchell did some 'fishing' in the river. Brett and 'Pop' fixed the water pump.

And its always fun throwing rocks in the water too!

We also marvelled at the circle of life...

I think that is about all for this post. I decided not to join in this week with 'Not Me Monday' as I was just Not Me. Feeling unwell and lacking for words. Lets hope this week goes a bit better.

We are heading to Canberra this weekend too! Looking forward to seeing everyone again....

Catch you all later!

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Niki said...

What great photos, loved the water ones.

angelique said...

No problems! I hope the fabric can be put to some use and I know a lovely soap never goes astray:)

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