Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Update

Hello everyone! Been extremely busy over this christmas period so I just thought I would do a quick update for you all. I haven't been doing much sewing over this time, haven't really had the time! Went to the Spotlight Boxing day sale and brought a new sewing machine - $500 reduced to $239!!!! Bargain, more about that and pics in the next post.

Firstly, Mitchell got a Thomas games drawer for christmas from his Nan and it had all these little pieces that would go EVERYWHERE! So I sewed up a few little cases that close with velcro to keep everything tidy.

Went to spotlight and brought a pattern and some material to make myself a top (hopefully I will get time soon!)

Ok that pretty much it for now, I have run out of time and need to go and get stuff done. I'll be back soon!

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