Tuesday, December 18, 2007

School lunches and this & that

Yesterday afternoon we did our grocery shopping **exciting I know!**. All 6 of us went down as a family and I was so surprised when we returned home having spent nearly $100 less than I normally would! I think I'll take them all with me every time. This week I did a meal plan and a shopping list and really tired to stick to it (although we did purchase a few items not on our list). I also decided that instead of buying all my daughters luch items even week that we would start making things to have for lunch. I think that went a long way to bringing down my grocery bill.

Firstly we (Mitchell and myself) whipped up some Banana muffins and some Chocolate Choc-Chip muffins. We also made some mini ones just for Mitchell. After that we made some 'Weetbix Slice'. It is made with Weetbix (well dar!), sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, a little bit of sugar and golden syrup and a few other things. It didn't turn out to bad, and tastes yummy!

We really have packed up a yummy lunch for Ashlee tomorrow and Mitchell was really stoked to have a little lunch box packed up for him too! We packed in a Sandwich, some weetbix slice, a banana muffin, a banana and an apple, some cheese and biscuits, than the unhealthy stuff - a packet of chips. Over all its pretty good.

As for everything here at home, I have cut out and pinned a nappy (still trying to get time to get near the sewing machine). I am going down today to grab some button and I'm determined to get Anna's dress finished so I can wrap it up for christmas. I also need to find a pattern for some shortalls to make for Zachary so he gets some too. I have pretty much finished my christmas shopping and just need to buy some stocking stuffers for the kids - oh and pick up DF pressie (must not forget to do that!). My mum, 2 brothers and one brothers DF as well as my SIL and nephew are coming on Monday to have christmas with us. I haven't had to do anything though which has been great. It has all been organised by my mum. It will be great to have christmas at home this year, having the twins (who really don't like being away from home) it will be good to be at home and not have to travel.

Also today we finally got the shots we had taken of the twins 2 months ago back and I just love them! Zach was extremely happy for the shoot but Anna on the other hand really didn't want to know about it.

And lastly I just had to share this one . . . . . . . .

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