Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yes, I still sew.....

I just haven't had enough time to pull out the sewing machine! But ...... look at what I have had time to 'whip' up!

Two 'Dot Minky' AI2 nappies all ready to sew up for Zach and Anna. I was going to make them AIO's but since we have had some terrible weather lately and my really sick of having nappies hanging around all the time I decided to make them AI2 as I have a few of them (my favourite being Zada's!) and they always dry really quick.

One with pink inner for my little girl and one with blue inner for Zach.

And LUSH Bamboo fleece already to sew up and snap for snap-in inserts!
(Dot minky & fleece from Spotlight, Bamboo fleece from ummmm...The bamboo fabric store. PUL that I used to make it a little more water proof is from Fairy Fabrics.)

Yes I said SNAP! I got myself a SNAP PRESS!! (and HEAPS of different coloured snaps)
(Snap press from Snaps Australia)

This purchase has made me even more determined to finish the nappies so I can use my new little toy...LOL! I have had some offers to use other peoples and I did really appreciate this but I never seem to have the time to get out and do it. The snap press was a big purchase in my book but the good news is that it is useful for more than just nappies...more on that later.

So check back for the finish product and some actions shots! I'm heading to the machine now - oh and wish me luck! LOL!

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