Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tomorrow is.....


And I got ....... nothing.......

I have been so busy with travelling, trying to get the computer fixed, Zach's appointments interstate and his local appointments for Physio and now Anna is sick :( She has had to put it nicely yucky nappies for about 4 days now (and today I think we had gone through about 7-8 by 10am! Panadol is my current best friend and with Brett working nights this week time is very stretched) that I haven't had time to do anything! I feel really bad as I too let my 100th post pass by unnoticed too. I really wanted to be able to do something.....we can still hope for my 150th post give away though.

On Monday we had our first appointment with DADHC. It was more of an information appointment and needs assessment but in this appointment I found out that I am eligible for Respite Care for the Twins and and also HomeHelp too! These are also free of charge. I have chosen at this point to not take up the services but I am definitely keeping them in the back of mind as the kids get older. At this stage I am just treading water but able to keep up with things and I really want to keep the services for when I really need them.
Last night we also had Mitchell's Pre-school Christmas Party down at the park by the river. We had a visit from the man in the red suit who handed out pressies and sat for photos. Sadly we got rained out at about 7:30pm but we had been there since 5:30pm so the little ones had had enough anyway and we headed home to bed.

Alright Zach is trying to climb on me and Anna has just woken up, not in a good mood it sounds like, so I better head off. See you all again soon!

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