Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've made some.....ummm

supposed to be charges but I stuffed up somehow. I saved my template {check}, uploaded my new template {check}, lost all my things {check} - that's ok I'll just reload my old template and sort it out later, ummmm....no sorry, blogger doesn't want to do that and instead kept throwing me errors. Damn! Oh well, so I'm starting fresh. All my posts are still ok but all my side bar things are getting revamped - not by choice!

I like it (for now). I have spent the morning doing some major house work and now I'm going to park my bum at the computer while Zach and Anna sleep and Mitchell is at Preschool and make a few side bar headings and maybe even a new header - still trying to sort the size out for that one.

In other news, Anna is ok. Still not 100% but home and happy. She spent a few days on Prednisolone (a type of steroid) and has needed her Ventolin as well as being back on Flixotide (a preventer). She sounds like a freight train when she breaths but apparently that's just the congestion in her chest that (being a virus that you can't treat with antibiotics) will clear up in time. Anna also has her appointment next Thursday with an eye specialist in Canberra. Fingers crossed for that one!

Zach has an appointment for an xray for his hips this Thursday. He has migrating hips (the muscles on the inside of his thighs are so tight that they are pulling his hips out of there sockets. If not sorted he will require surgery) and he is just getting tighter so fingers crossed everything looks ok - still. He is seeing Dr Lowe in Sydney on March 13th.

Mitchell is not well, he has the same virus that the rest have but is handling it well and on the mend. Today he is at Preschool, he LOVES preschool!

Ashlee has registrations for Netball this afternoon in Bombala so we are off to that and I'll get some shopping in while we are there. She is pretty excited to be getting back into some sport again. She has been doing any since we left Bairnsdale.

Me, well my headaches - or migraines - have gone, YESSSSS! Dr thinks it was a combination of blocked sinuses and stress. I totally agree. I have caught up on some sleep and feel a little more normal now.

Right, times ticking by so I'm off - see you all later!

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

I'm not at all surprised you have had migraines. Hope everyone is on the mend very soon.

I have just finished some initial treatment for femoral impingment (hip being pulled out by tightened/weakened adductor muscles). Admittedly an adult problem, but if you're interested I can e-mail some info on a treatment that worked brilliantly. :)

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Naomi, love the new look blog! love pink and chocolate colour scheme. Lovely to read about you and the kids too!
Hope all is settling down!

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