Friday, February 20, 2009


Anna is sick, last night we had her rushed to hospital in an ambulance after she turned blue. Scary to say the least and the fact that our 'local' hospital was a 40 minute drive away!

Diagnosis: Severe Croup - oxygen sats ranging from 75% to 80%, struggling to breath, not eating or drinking.

She was put onto a neb and also given oxygen. Right now she is doing ok. I'll keep you updated...

Me: Awake since 5am yesterday until 11am today when I manage to get 2 hours sleep. So tired, haven't eaten but not hungry. Longing to curl up in bed. I've also had a migraine on and off for the past 6 days which doesn't help.....

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Sally ~♥ said...

Oh dear, I hope Anna is better soon! How bloody scary!
I hope you are better soon too, you are in my thoughts.
Sally xo

Melissa said...

You poor things. We've had Alexander in a few times with O2 sats down in the 70's (asthma and croup) and it's horrible, isn't it?

Hope today is a better day for her. And really hope that migraine goes away. Mine has been hanging around all week too. :(

Melissa Searle said...

Oh no! :( So sorry to hear that. How scary that must have been! My goodness. Will pray for you all.. Hope she is much better now.
Sorry about your migraine... that doesnt sound good at all either. Hope you can get some sleep... soon.

CurlyPops said...

I hope the entire family is ok and that everything is better really really soon.

Brindlegirl said...

My heart sank as I read that entry. How frightening for you, actually frightening is an understatement!!!

No wander you haven't eaten or slept!!

Try and look after yourself Naomi, you are the piller of your family.

Am thinking of you. Hope to hear from you soon informing us that all is well.

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