Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome Back!

Hello all. All that are still reading! Please excuse my little bloggy break. I really didn't mean to or want to, its all my internet providers fault. Due to a few problems I was unable to connect to my broadband and thanks to their totally incompetent sales/accounts people - who I might mention are not even in this country and who I can hardly understand! - I was unable to access it for quite a few weeks. To tell you I was angry would be an understatement!

Things are all back up and running now and I have so much to say but that is going to have to wait until this evening as I have a bit of a busy day today - a home, a life and 4 3 little ones and a big one there is so much to do, my washing never seems to end I tell you - along with the piles of dishes that seem to mount up every five seconds (I really really miss my dishwasher, I really really do!). Thanks to my non scheduled bloggy break I have been able to get a lot done. My 'Operation Organize' is still definitely running along smoothly and I have been able to get quite a few things crossed off my list - does this tell you I spend way to much time on the net, course not! So make sure you check back soon for some dates - Zach's progress, 'Operation Organise' update, sewing update, as well as digital scrap booking are just a few of the things I want to mention.

Now, on to a sadder note. I'm sure many of you have heard or read about the terrible bushfire's happening in Victoria and NSW. My heart goes out to all the families that lost someone and to the families that have lost all there worldly possessions.

I can hardly believe that most of these fires have been deliberately lit! The Prime Minister said 'there are just no words to describe these people' but what I think he was thinking - these mass murderers are the scum of the earth! I certainly don't believe that 25 years in jail would go anywhere near what they deserve! Bastards!

We have some amazing people fighting these fires. I want to thank each and every one of them. They really are hero's and they are risking their lives to help others.

The look on his face says it all I think....

Please pray for those that are now homeless, those that are injured and of course for the friends and families of the 128 people (at last count) that have been killed.

Please donate what you can...(link above clickable)


Firstly - Please keep Rachael in your prayers.

Mike's is welcoming handmade donations via the shop. Check out the info here.

Sarah from With A Cherry On Top and Bianca from The Toy Society are going to try to find an organisation who will take handmade toys to distribute to children who have lost everything in the bushfires. Rach from Grandy and Baa had the same idea too.

Sparkly Green Knickers is going to donate the proceeds from her Etsy Shop to the Bushfire Appeal...

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