Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Away for Easter....

I'm enjoying staying at Mum's in Canberra over Easter. I have LOVED the break, thought I would have more time to blog....not true. In between kids nap time, keeping up with our 2 loads of washing a day (and that's while we are in disposables!), eating chocolate and making time to shop for an outfit for a wedding on the weekend I haven't really done a lot. But I must say it has been enjoyable!

So, not to much to blog about........I received my lush Cushie Tushies last week - it's LOVE! - Pink and Blue camo Minky, can it get any better?! I have also have a brown with green spots so have indulged in a Pink with white spots to match for Anna - should be here soon. Wanna see my latest 'stash' pics?! Maybe not, but if you keep reading your going too!

[Insert Pics Here] - just realised that they are still on the camera so I will add them later.

Here, however, are my Zach and Anna's new Cushies.....

Sorry about the sideways photos, I'm going to have to fix that later. Anna smells and is not happy about it......Maybe I'll get the chance to blog later this afternoon. For now, I'm off to change nappies, get dressed, get everyone else dressed, kick Ashlee out of bed - come on it 9am already! - and head down to get a hair cut and do some more shopping! Heading home tomorrow, just in time to re-pack and head to Bairnsdale for 4 days. Oh the joys of travels with 4 children! I will do an update on the little ones soon. With photos! Yes, Zach and Anna are 2 in just over a month! Can you believe it?! Or that Ashlee is 12 in June! Mitchell 5 in July!! My babies are growing up [insert huge sob here]. What are my chances of adding another babe to our clan?! Not really promising......just going to have to make do with a new Niece or Nephew arriving in October/November......I can't wait! Better run, the smell is getting the better of me really and I don't think the children are going to get themselves ready or that my hair is going to miraculously cut itself.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

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Brindlegirl said...

Yes Naomi, add add add. You make such gorgeous children and you handle them all so well. Whats another little one anyway? After twins anything is possible I say. You just have to convince Brett first (I think its Brett?). Hee hee.

Jacolyn said...

Love these!!

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