Monday, April 6, 2009

Its been awhile...

Things here are looking up. We are working towards a new house! All I can say is 'it can't come quick enough!'. I'm going nuts in this house!

More updates coming soon on the little ones and also as my mojo returns there is some more crafting!


Last night: I had the BEST sleep ever!

Today: Kids at school, preschool or in daycare so I baked!

Firstly this......

Than a chocolate mud cake....yummy. Camera flat so pics to come! Also some serious cleaning has been going on this morning with more to come as I still have an hour and a half till I pick up Zach and Anna from daycare.

Not a lot else to say right now, but I guess I'm back! And 'Operation Organise' is back on track!

See you all again soon!

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Brindlegirl said...

Glad to see your back Naomi. I think we all have those times, times when your life seems really busy and no time for blogging and there are other times were your just blogging all the time.

You must post some updated pics of Zach and Anna also, I bet they have grown so much since I've last seen them. They'll be two next month!!! (its May isn't it?)

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