Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This year I again participated in the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt - for the third time.... AND it paid off!

Worth $490
I'm sooo excited!

The best thing is that Mitchell has been at me for sooooo long to him a Scooter and now with his birthday coming up in July he will definitely be getting one.

This one in fact....

Shhhh, don't tell him though...hehehe

Ok, better go now. I am planning on an update but today I'm just enjoying not having to run off to appointments, run anyone to school/preschool and also the peace and quite now Zachary and Anna are having a nap :) And loving some time with Ashlee while the school holidays on on!

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Melissa Searle said...

Whoa thats amaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! :) hehe

Melissa Searle said...

Thats amazing!!!!! Congrats!!! :) Enjoy all the goodies, as i am sure you will. Hehe

Bella Hyde said...

Hi there! I'm Bella the owner of Mamma Bellah Kids and I just came across your blog when googling my own store....CONGRATULATIONS on your win and I am so so glad you got the scooter!

:) Bella Hyde
Mamma Bellah Kids

Brindlegirl said...

Wow congratulations!! I hope its the start of a 'lucky streak'.

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