Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

A very happy mother's day to all you mummies out there!

This morning we just had a quite one. I had a pretty late night with the twins and was really tired this morning but then the kids gave me some pressies and it was all good. Ok, now a pic for you all...

I recieved a lovely card, a beautiful 'I {heart} mum' photo frame, a super fast cook book, a new spare battery for my little baby; my 400D and lastly my new Bag Button! I'm in love with my bag button! I have wanted one for a while and luckyly mum came through organising the kids to get me one. Oh and how can I forget! I also recieved some yummy caramel fudge. My absolutely favourite! That however didn't make it into the photo as I just couldn't resist eating it. It now the afternoon so it was all gone by lunch time - naughty me.

I have since spent the afternoon cleaning. I know I shouldn't be doing that today, but I've been very unmotivated lately so when the urge comes to clean I just go with it - doesn't matter what the time is (or the day is).

I put my new bag button to good use this morning. It is such an awesome idea! I have an over stocked linen cupboard and was just totally running out of room. I tidied it up this morning and compacted 1 single doona, 1 queen doona, 3 pillows and 2 garbage bags full of baby rugs into 1/2 a shelf! I now have room again! (Mum left this morning and said she would like a couple of extra towels so I culled some of them to and some sheets we never use). I also pulled down all the teddies stored in the top of Mitchell's cupboard. 2 garbage bags full and compacted them down to two small heaps. We now have so much more room. I should have taken photos as I was quite amazed at how well it worked.

Ok, not much else to report right now. I'm going to have a cuppa and get back into some cleaning until the twins wake up. See you again soon!

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