Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh! What a day!

Well today here has been nothing short of a disaster!

Started the day feeling like s**t after a wonderful night of tag team. Anna has decided she would like up to 4 feeds a night and just screams the house down if she doesn't get them, I just can't handle that! Zach has taken a real liking to biting me instead of drinking, even though he knows he is going to get in trouble for it and then spends time crying because he wants a feed! Males! They eat like there is no tomorrow but still love their boob, he just doesn't understand that mummy is now becoming to scared to feed him. Anna had a pretty good sleep before waking up for some lunch but Zach has only had about 30 minutes all day, its now 4pm! He is currently lying here in his rocker refusing to go to sleep and Anna is ready to go back down again.

On top of all this, my house looks like a bomb has hit it! I have 2 baskets of washing and a basket of nappies that need to be folded and put away. I also have a load in the dryer of the bubs clothes - they will need folding shortly too. I need to finish packing the dishwasher and start it, wash the dishes that don't go in there and give the lounge, dining and kitchen a run over with the vacuum. Mitchell's room looks like someone has just turned the toy boxes upside down and tipped them all out and I haven't even made my bed! Oh and I would love to jump through the shower and brush my teeth - yuck! Where do I start???!! I guess by getting these two little ones to have an afternoon sleep!

Brett is away working at the moment too - not that he is much help when he is home - but I can chuck Zach at him sometimes if I just need to get something done. Both are very much mummies babies.

Ok, they both seem to have nodded off so I better move them into bed and get this house in some kind of order. Might come back and do two posts in one day - WOW .... LOL

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