Sunday, June 22, 2008

A grown up party & another hospital trip...

This weekend has been eventful to say the least......Mum came down to help me out with a birthday dinner at the Wy Yung Pub Bistro for Ashlee and 9 of her friends. There was just no way I could have handled all the girls and my 3 little ones on my own. Just one day prior to coming to stay Mum had also developed shingles....AHHHH! More on that later.

Ashlee's party went really well. Everyone had a great time and were no real problem at all. She does have a lovely bunch of friends.

{All the Girls}
Ashlee is 3rd from left

Everyone at party

3 of her friends stayed over the night. They had a good time - so I am told. See I was not there from about 11pm onwards as I ended up having to make that all to familar trip to the hospital emergency room with Anna. More on that soon. I'll leave you with some pics...

{Mars Bar Mud Cake}
Made by Nanny, iced and decorated by Me
This pic is also post candles so it looks a little worse for wear...

Ashlee's cake

{Blowing out the candles}

Ash blowing out candles

After having a great night out we got home and the twins went to bed as usual. Everything was fine. About 11pm Anna woke up screaming and struggling to breath. I gave her her ventilon and watched her but she didn't improve so down the hospital we went. This time she was diagnosed with Croup and not her usual Bronch or RSV. They kept her in over night for observation because of her age, we are now also on Redipred again for a few days......oh the joys. She seems a lot better now but relapses at night because of the cool night air. I'm just doing my best to keep the entire house nice and warm, so far so good.

Better head off, we have twins playgroup today in about an hour and I am not even beginning to look ready! Its the last one for this term so I don't want to miss it today.

Take care everyone!


2 yummy comments!:

Brindlegirl said...

That cake looks divine Naomi! What a great job on the icing oh your mum making it a Mars Bar Mud, pure indulgence.

Poor Anna and how scary for you. I hope the hospital isn't too far. Do you have ambulance cover? Its the best $50 a year I now spend. I learnt the hard way (paying almost $900 for one emergency trip!).

Melissa Jane Searle said...

Looks like she had a ball. :-) Good work on the cake too... Tis wonderful! I would love to learn cake decorating.. but hey i have so many things i want to learn, and no time. Pff... life. Lol

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