Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just stuff

Today started out really bad. At about 4am this morning Anna (who was sleeping in my bed after her 2am feed) fell out of bed. A *bang* and I was up, then a *scream*. I felt soooo terrible! She was so upset, I checked her over and she seemed ok so I just snuggled up with her again and gave her a feed (this time in the middle of the bed!). Once we got up 2 hours later I noticed a big bruise on her head, boy did I feel even worse then! It has gone down a little through out the day but it is still there, a reminder of how careful we need to be with our little ones.

Had a good friend drop over today and after being here for a few hours decided to take Mitchell home with her to play with Caleb (4 in August) and Jase (18 months). I didn't know what to do with myself then. The twins went down for a sleep and I made the most of the peace and quite and had a lovely shower followed by a quite cup of tea than did some house work while I watched (well bits of) Dr Phil. Boy do they have some weirdo's on that show! Once the twins woke up I went down the street to pay some bills (that can't be paid via Bpay - really, who doesn't have Bpay these days!) and had a little browse in Spotlight. My sewing has been badly neglected lately so I decided to have a look at some patterns and material, instead I got side tracked chatting - as usual - and ran out of time. I did find that they have Dot Minky in stock! In 5 different colours! So I'm going back down tomorrow morning before the rush to get a 1/2 metre of each. Also found some lovely soft chenille, Zach and Anna are going to have lovely soft bums now! (The fabrics for nappy making.) All I need now is a metre or so of bamboo fleece and I'm set.

Better go, bubs crying and I need to get Ashlee from squad training soon.

Take care all!

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