Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ho Hum...

Well not enough of you kept your fingers crossed....LOL....

We heard back from the realestate and things don't look to good. One couple had already found another house and put an offer in on it (ahhh...I wish they hadn't wasted my time!) they were just do the 'right' thing because they already had the appointment set up. The other couple were looking for a larger yard, or more grass I think it was. Damn pool! We were going to take it out as we have only used it twice in the 5 + years we have lived here, yes only TWICE! It's a real PIA to look after and the weather here isn't exactly tropical. In summer it gets quite hot but I prefer cooling down by the air con...LOL. I now wish we had gone a head and taken it out as it takes up a large part of the backyard and is not a real selling point.

Anyway, enough about that. Some news on the home front, Anna now has 3 teeth and is crawling! She goes backwards but still its crawling, they say they normally go backwards first as it easier. She will be off in days I think, although they both commando crawl now so it probably won't be much different. Both Zach and Anna have started pointing and Zach often asks 'Whats that?'. Its so cute! Both are really missing Daddy too I think, thats all they talk about. You know Daddy's been away to long when Zach starts pointing to the phone and saying 'Daddy'. He also starts yelling out 'Dadda' when ever the phone rings. They will be 13 months old on the Saturday. Can you believe it! Both are still regularly breastfed. **Giving myself a pat on the back for that!** Both Ashlee and Mitchell decided they no longer wanted to breastfeed at 8 months so these two have really out done both of them LOL. It also looks like neither of them will be giving it up any time soon, they both love their boob too much.

So Daddy has been away for two weeks now, I miss him so much. We talk on the phone at least 3 times a day and this weekend he is coming home until Sunday. I really can't wait until we move so we can all be together!!!! Its tough work looking after 4 kids on your own 24/7! I often find myself staying up longer at night just for the piece and quiet, just so I can get that washing folded or watch that show I taped. But, it will get easier...soon.

Better go now, tidy up after dinner and get these little ones (and big ones) ready for bed. I really would like a decent nights sleep tonight, we'll see. I will leave you with a couple of layouts I have managed to do it the last few days.....night all!

{ Teeth }


{ Love }


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