Friday, May 29, 2009

The day is over.. babies are 2!

Fun was had all around!

Present were wrapped in plain old brown paper, because really where does it all end up anyway?! $1.70 for a large roll of brown paper that will last ages compared to up to $4 for one sheet of wrapping paper.

We made cupcakes the night before. Some to take to preschool with them. And they were loved by everyone. Thomas the Tank Engine for Zachary and Fairy ones for Anna (although she found Thomas more interesting, she really is my little tomboy! I guess what so you expect with two brothers!)

They slept in a little for me - little sweeties! Then we opened up some pressies. Not to many, because you know these kids have way to much stuff already! Not in need of ANY clothes and definitely didn't need any more toys. So we just got a few things for them to celebrate this special day.

(Zach showing me his new book)

Anna getting her new bike - so they don't fight over the one we have!

(excuse the bum! Little Miss has decided she doesn't really like nappies and spends most of the time at home nappy free. Good sign I guess)

And she LOVES the baby doll rocker that Nanny got her!

Opening books...

Then they coloured in their new books until it was time to go to preschool




Anna had zonked by 5:30pm and Zach went to bed after a feed not long after. A long day but a fun day. I still can't believe they are two!

Good bye for now....make sure you check out my giveaway!

3 yummy comments!:

Belinda said...

Fantastic stuff! Glad everyone had a great day! Time flies when you're having fun!

Brindlegirl said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Zach and Anna!!

Oh and I must say, Anna looks so much like you doesn't she! She is just a sweet little mini version of you. However in saying that, I can't not say how handsome Zach is, they are both adorable.

Lois said...

Hi Naomi!
First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zach and Anna!
Time really flies when the children are growing up doesn't it?
I think the idea of using the brown kraft wrapping paper is smart! I use it whenever I can and to dress it up I use rubber stamps on it or make coloured peel and stick labels on my printer. It works and like you say where does it go once it gets ripped off anyway?
So good for you!
BTW the cupcakes look really yummie too!
Have a great tomorrow.

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