Thursday, May 7, 2009

WFMW - Linky love

I have so many things saved in my bookmarks that have found through blogs and other places. I really want to get into some of them! There are just sooooooo many of them (and I'm talking hundreds) that its hard to pick where to start!

I'm also incorporating this with Works for me Wednesday - Frugal edition.....

So - this weekend I'm going to start trying some of them out, hopefully with the help of my lovely daughter Ashlee. Tomorrow I'm going to spend doing my usual Saturday clean and make sure my washing is all up to date so when Saturday actually comes around I won't have anything to do.

Lets move onto some linky love now. Here are some things I would like to try out this weekend:

Stop using plastic zip lock bags!

We use so many lunch bags around here. You know those little snack sized ziplock bags. I'm really need good with washing and reusing them, I really can't be bothered...I know I know such waste. So here is a great tut about making your own reusable snack bags. I think they are a great idea but will probably add a little snapable flap to it so that it can be closed up for the lunch box. This is a maybe....

Don't buy them a bag for preschool - make them one!

Zach and Anna are in need of a little bag to take to preschool. Something that will just hold their lunch box, drink bottle and a change of clothes. I thought this would be a good idea consider I have a ton of ton of towels around here.

Make your own kids clothes and save money!

I wouldn't mind giving this a try either. I actually have a couple of pretty tea towels in the fabric cupboard that I kept just for something like this.

Then you have Shorts from tea towels! This also appeals to me. Tea towels can be picked up for very little in your local Sam's (or dollar store).

I love Baby Legs but we only have 1 pair each for the twins because the cost so much. Now I can get out the old stockings of Anna's and cut them up to make these. Great idea I think and would be a huge saving!

I think that would be it. I don't even know if I will get through them! We will see what the weekend holds.

For more frugal ideas head over to We are THAT family and Works for me Wednesday!

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Brindlegirl said...

What a great idea. I went through a zip lock stage and now just use containers however I prefer the pouch idea, much more compact!!

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