Sunday, May 3, 2009

What happens when..... leave one inquisitive 23 month old alone in the kitchen for a few minutes with the cupboard ajar.....

You get an entire bag of raw sugar all-over-the-floor! drop easy hints right before a trip to Canberra, right before Mother's Day.....

You get what you wanted - early - and he gets a great sale price! (Loving my slow cooker!)

And he also gets a great meal with meat so tender it melts in your mouth!!

.....And his favourite Cold Meat Fritters with the left over lamb roast from the other night!

See it all worked out for everyone! More on our trip to Canberra soon and how Zachary went with this check up.

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Melissa Searle said...

ha! that will teach you to leave them.... :) I guess you dont have a lock on your pantry eh? Hehe. Oh well, never mind. :)
Glad you like your slow cooker,they are excellent! xo

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