Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow, thank you Nicole!

{Firstly, photos have now been added to my organization post! }

Well this morning I've been completely humbled!

This post could turn into a really long one but I'm just going to cut the story short for you all.....I have been award 'A Sisterhood Award' by a lovely lady who's blog I read, but that's not all. Nicole from The Life of Us (who awarded me) is the partner of Luke, my eldest Ashlee's Dad, and the mother of Ashlee's two half brothers! We got talking a while ago after Nicole contacted me through Facebook. I bit of a shock but no Nicole I didn't think you were a loony :) Then a little while later I came across her on a forum I frequent, Essential Baby. We have never met IRL but its been nice to have contact with her. Maybe someday in the future we will meet?!

So there you go, a bit different but such is on to the award.....As Nicole puts it....

What is this Sisterhood Award I hear you ask?

Its an award that you pass on to other women whose blogs you read that you find encouraging, uplifting and inspirational.

Did I say yet that I'm extremely humbled?!

So I have choose just a few blogs that I find encouragement and inspiration from? Geez, that is going to be hard......lets try though.....

Firstly, super crafty CurlyPops! I tell you this woman makes me jealous! So many pretty things. So much talent! I have A LOT of her posts saved with awesome ideas on things to make, bake or just admire. I really look forward to her posts!

Next up, Retromummy! Another mummy to adorable twins. Lots of wonderful inspiration and adorable cuteness on this blog! Making, baking, fabric, knitting. Its really nice to peer into the life of another mummy of twins and see that you are not alone in your trials and tribulations :)

Then, Many Little Blessings. I find heaps of information and inspiration here. I started reading when she was the host of Works for Me Wednesday (which has now moved to We are THAT family). LOVE love love her Organisation posts. She always has so many great ideas and I have used a lot of them around my home.

Moving on, if you need a real pick me up check out [I] LoveLife! You can't read this blog, daily, and not feel happy. She is so up beat, happy, organised and talented! Not to mention those two ADORABLE little girls, Pilot and Penn! Aren't they just the two most original and gorgeous names?! Large, daily, happy photos to put you in the right mood. She is the first blog I turn to if I'm feeling a little down.

Oh I could go on but just one more.....I could not received this award and not pass it on to my beautiful sister in law Melissa at Remember to Live, Laugh, Love! Have I mentioned that she and my brother Dan are expecting?! Can you tell I'm soooo excited?! Melissa is a number one girl, and I'm not just saying that because she is my SIL. I have known Melissa for quite a few years and in that time she has never been anything less than a beautiful person. I can truly see why my brother waited so patiently for so many years to win her over. Melissa is crafty (when she's not under the weather with morning sickness! - hope your feeling better Mel!), talented, happy, beautiful and most of all a devoted Christian. She really gives me inspiration to live a better life. Melissa also has a online shop! Heart and Home, check it out!

That will be it for now. I could list HEAPS of blogs that are truly inspirational and maybe one day I now for a shower, I smell....hahaha. Zach and Anna also need a sleep. Anna was up again last night with Croup and her ever loving brother decided he needed to with her! Keep Anna in your prayers as we head into winter. Anna suffers quite badly in the colder months. Lets hope this year she doesn't have to spend most of it in hospital! Mitchell is at the farm today with Daddy so I'm going to try and make the most of it!

3 yummy comments!:

CurlyPops said...

Thanks so much Naomi - you're too sweet!
I love reading your blog and I don't know how on earth you keep up with everything in your life.

Brindlegirl said...

I nominated you Naomi because honestly your blog is inspiring. I just love reading about all you do and you do seem to do everything!!!!

I also love reading your blog on days that I feel as though I'm not coping and I only have one (as its usually Hugh at the moment who is trying my patience). I am in awe of how you handle motherhood. So I awarded you it as you deserve it.

Keep the blogging up. I enjoy reading your entries.

Melissa Searle said...

Well you know what, thats just real sweet right there. :) Thanks. It actually brought a tear to my eye when i read what you wrote. Hehe Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
Love ya too, and right back at ya!

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