Thursday, January 8, 2009

A big success!

That's what today was!

The kitchen cupboards are done, the linen closet is clean and organised again and the clothes are folded and put away. Dinners over, kitchens cleaned up, toys are cleaned up, kids are sleeping and I'm pretty happy (and so much more organised). Although I didn't get it all completed before the Twins woke up and it ended up taking me a bit longer due to the 'help' I still got it finished. Tomorrow I will be tidying up the fridge top and culling a few kitchen items, for example a toaster grill that was given to me quite a few years ago and I have never used.

Also on the list for tomorrow is:

* Put away filing
* Empty plastic drawers and move all the kids craft things in
* Reorganise craft cupboard

I want to get some sewing done too. During my cleaning today I found these lovely tea towels that are to thin to really be useful for tea towels but they definitely have a use in the sewing room! What will they become??

Now I'm off to do a little sorting in the pattern and recipe department while I sit and watch a bit of LOST. I'm a LOST addict!

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