Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post Chrissy Round Up!

Firstly, Thank You to everyone that left those lovely comments.....the craft table I use was my MIL's until she passed away about 18 months ago. I love it too. It is nice and big and just the right height to sit and sew at. The little shopping trolley is kinda cute isn't it. That was actually already here when we moved it! The kids used to play with it but there are soooo many fights over it all the time that I ended up taking it to my craft room. Mean aren't I.

Now on to the pressies.......

What did I get for Christmas???? I was a bit spoilt I think.

My biggest gift was this 1TB external hard drive. So so cool!

An absolutely lovely 3 tier stand - I just wanna use it!

Complete digital photography Book - this is great, some excellent tuts and great tips.

My SIL Melissa (and my bro I guess...hehehe) got me this lovely clock. Thank you :)

I received this cute knitting bag that is currently over flowing with, well, knitting stuff

I looooove my new Laundry Powder Tin! It also comes with a little tin scoop. Now all I have to do is pick up one of these (all in pink of course) and this

I am a LOST JUNKIE! I have every episode so far (Mum gets me the new DVD set each year) and have watched them a few dozen times. I can't wait until LOST starts again this year but in the mean time this will keep me going!

My lovely PedEgg! I have wanted to get one of these for a while (see what happens when you have to watch midnight TV while breastfeeding!). Mum really does listen as I mentioned it in passing a while ago. (And yes, it does work!)

I got a nice soy candle and some soy melts. As well as some super yummy smelling hand cream!

Again from Mel and Dan, isn't this pillow cover stunning!! It currently sits on my bed during the day because I'm to afraid the kids will wreak it!

Mum got me a little sewing organiser. It really is brilliant. Isn't it great to receive all lovely, thoughtful gifts that you actually want and will use?! My family really does love me!

Image from here

I also got this GREAT cook book (that my entire meal plan for the next week is made up from - check back for Meal Plan Monday)

Image from here
Lastly, some lovely coasters.

I'm pretty sure there was other things too but they are not coming to mind at the moment.

So there you have it. Brilliant Christmas but the best bit, the bit I loved the most was the time I spent with my family. The two weeks I spent at Mum's house was so incredibly relaxing and fun. I just didn't want to go home! Now I miss them all terribly too.

Ok, its late...better get to bed. I am rather tired. Good night all!

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