Monday, January 5, 2009

I'mmmmmm back!

I finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things post Christmas so I am going to participate in this weeks......
Time to get real and fess up to all the things I absolutely positively DID NOT do this week:

Sunday while Brett and Mitchell were down the farm and the Twins were sleeping I totally did not lay on couch for just a few minutes waking up 2 hours later. No way would I do that, there is just so much to do around here! And then I did not proceed to run move quickly around the house to get everything done just so that they didn't know I was sleeping. No, that would be stupid. (No, really it would be stupid!)

I most certainly did not lay in bed last night thinking about things that I should of added to my last post, and I wasn't up at 3:30am this morning feeding Zach and have an over whelming desire to catch up on blogs. Not at 3:30am! I didn't give in to that desire and finally get back to bed at 5:30am only to have the Twins up at 6am.

I down right didn't let Mitch have a muesli bar before bed because he wouldn't eat his dinner and was really complaining that he was hungry! I would not give in like that - no way!

And lastly.......I mostly definitely, most certainly, really didn't pack away all the MCN's today because keeping up with them, the house, the kids, Zachary's therapy and appointments and just 'me time' in general is just to much (that and they have grown out of 99% of them and I don't have the time or money to replace them right now). NO WAY! I didn't fill up the shelves formally known as the 'nappy shelves' with Christmas toys either. My kids didn't get spoiled so much that they don't have room for it all - never! I didn't shed a small tear over it either...... (Modern Cloth Nappies for sale everyone!)

So there you have it - Head on over to MckMama's blog to play along!

See you all again soon!

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